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Lightning Psychic Deck


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Hey all,


First deck I have built since starting this game. Very very new to the game so I am looking for some advice to maybe tighten this up and to where to go to get trades. The deck is fun (huge amounts of card draw and cycle) but sometimes I have trouble getting enough energy onto my cards.


Any advice is welcome.




Pokemon (30)


4 mareep / 3 flaafy / 3 Amph / 1 Amph Prime


1 / 1 / 1 Gothita / Gothorita / Gothitelle


3 / 1 Misdreavus / Misimagius


2/2 Trubbish / Garbador


1 Cleffa


1 Jirachi


4 Chinchou / 1 Lanturn / 1 Lanturm Prime


Trainer/Support (10)


2 Rare Candy


3 Copycat


3 Prof Elm Training


2 Sage's Training


Energy (20)


10 Lightning


10 Psychic


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you should add an extra Trubbish so you have a better backup for Garbodor and an extra basic pokemon and an extra Gothita could be a great help.


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hi dude


first don't put 3 pro.elm trainig cards.put only 2.second never put a legendary such as jirachi.put in like groudon or kyogre.and if you have a code for the game put it on so you can find more pokemon from black and white.ok?


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Hello, thanks for the tips.


Just curious, what is wrong with the Jirachi? Are there some special rules I dont know about?


I will pull out one of the pro elm training cards. Should I swap for more card draw tech or perhaps pokemon catchers or similar?


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We seem to have a decent deck, so no need to over complicate:




4-3-4 Ampharros line (with 1 Ampharos Prime)


2-2 Lanturn line (with 1 Lanturn Prime)


1 Cleffa




2 X Rare Candy


3 X Elm


2 X Sages Training






We now have room for 16 more cards.




attackers- what do u want the deck to achieve, what cards will help this, think about this then add in whatever other attacker u want.




4 X Pokemon Communication (must)


4 X Oak (msut)


Then a basic draw, either Pokemon Collector (best, but worth a lot) or Dual Ball- 4 (all 1 or mix)


= 12


>JIRACHI- Excellent card but it will not work that well within the deck. I would Replace it + Lanturn for 2 more Lanturn Prime with Ampharos as the energy accelerator.


>(Want Trades then come to my trade thread, I have 2 dual balls, 4 Oak + loads more to offer.)


>Need any futher help then come to my deck corner thread in open beta general discussion.


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G'day Matthew, thanks for the advice.


I have 2 x Pokemon Collectors & 2 x Dual Balls which I will add in. I dont have any pokemon comm and only 1 oak. Can you get all of the Oak's from the trainer challenge?


Would anyone have any reccomendations for the other pokemon half? I really do like psychic, but I also have a few versions of leavanny and a virizon for accelerated card draw. Might try that set out and trade harder once I get the support / trainer cards sorted.


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Well, if you're following Matthew's advice, 2x Tornadus would work nicely to have something to cover that Fighting weakness. If that's too expensive, you can try the Jumpluff line (for that 10x attack), which used to be popular. However, it'd be suboptimal, you might rather try something else then.


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Okay, a little trading and this is what I have come up with.


Any thoughts/suggestions?


Pokemon (20)


<div>4/3/4 Ampharos (1 Prime, 3 Accel)</div>

<div>2/3 Lanturn Prime</div>

<div>4 Virizion</div>

<div>1 Tornadus</div>

<div>1 Cleffa</div>

<div> </div>

<div>T/S (22)</div>

<div>3 Pokemon Catcher</div>

<div>4 Pokemon Collector</div>

<div>4 Pokemon Communication</div>

<div>3 Professor Elm's Training Method</div>

<div>4 Professor Oak's New Theory</div>

<div>2 Rare Candy</div>

<div>2 Sage's Training</div>

<div> </div>

<div>Energy (18)</div>

<div>6 Grass</div>

<div>12 Lightning</div>

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