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where to get prime challenge boxes:)


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i live in the Uk- Bradford.


well Autumn has nearly passed & yet i cant find any noble victories packs/decks in local/ major game stores.


i mainly want one of the prime challange box too.




also ive realised ive never been able to get beta codes ever since but only from theme decks.


also everytime i ask the counter person they have no idea about online codes if not same person.


if any1 got any thing 2 say. go ahead speacilly others who live in th uk.




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You can purchase online boosters! The only setback is that you WILL NOT get real cards. You will only get CODES which will give you credits to unlock boosters and theme decks to play and collect online! since I stay in India, a place where hardly a handful know of pokemon and no store ships packs here, The online code thing is very helpful as I love the game :)




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Hello Trainers,


You can find Pokemon Products in Hobby stores as well as purchase them through online retail stores. Only products that contain the red pokemon card Icon with the words "Online" contain codes for TCG. Make sure before you purchase the cards, the packet contains the online symbol.




Professor Watermelon



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