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941s Trading Thread


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So this is pretty simple, if I do not specify that I want something, do not offer it. Other than that, everything is good.






Victini (V-Create)


Victini (Fliptini) x2


Rare Candy x3




Smeargle x3


Rescue Energy x3










And what I want:


Noble Victories Packs


Shaymin x2


Reshiram x2


Zekrom x2


Kyurem x2


DCE x2




So if you have any interest, just say what you would like to trade and for what.






EDITED 11/25/11 12:20 PM




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I have 2 X Revive and 4 X Viri, 2 X Reshiram 1 X Terrakion Fa, 1 X Terrakion non-FA, , 2 X Coballion non-FA, and 1 Super Rod (+ 1 Shaymin, 2 Eviolite,3 DCE, 1 Rainbow Energy that u want too, but unsure whether to trade these)


I am interested in 1 X Mew Prime, 2 X Vileplume, 2 X Zoroark, 2 X Vaniluxe line, make me an offer and I will either accept or counter.


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lets do maths


3 Vanilluxe (5) (now decided I need 1 more)


2 Vileplume (4)


2 Zoroark (4)


1 Mew (3)


Total= 16


4 Viri (6 minimun)


2 Terrakion 1 FA 1 non-FA (4)


2 Coballion 1 holo 1 non holo (5)


2 Reshiram (5)


Total= 20




I cannot do this trade as i need values to be equal. (make it equal and we can trade)


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-2 then to u = 18


+ 1.5 to mine= 17.5


Sorry to be picky but can we just edit ur offer a little more as i really need a decent trade.


edit I found an excellent pubic offer so I traded my 2 Reshiram,


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