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what do u think of my deadend gx deck?

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****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon - 19

* 3 Alolan Rattata CES 84 (have energyless move which puts raticate in ur hand)
* 1 Darkrai prism star UPR 77
* 3 Darkrai-GX BUS 88
* 4 Houndour CIN 58
* 1 Yveltal-EX XY 144
* 2 Yveltal-GX FLI 137
* 2 Alolan Raticate SUM 77 (has ability to pick a card from ur deck for each of ur benched pokemon)
* 4 Houndoom CIN 59 (to inflict burn)

*4 salandit

*4 salazzle

##Trainer Cards - 19

* 1 Altar of the Moone GRI 117
* 1 Acerola BUS 112
* 3 Pokémon Center Lady FLF 93
* 1 Poison Barb SUM 124 (goes with darkrai gx to use with deadend gx)
* 3 Cilan NXD 86
* 2 Energy Retrieval PRC 126
* 2 Guzma BUS 115
* 3 Pokémon Fan Club FCO 107
* 3 Switch
* 1 Ultra Ball SUM 135

##Energy - 22

* 14 Darkness Energy  7
* 3 Double Colorless Energy SUM 136

* 5 psychic energy

Total Cards - 60

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******


so ur supposed to do this:


-use raticate to pick up basic pokemon (so ur bench has more pokemon and u can pick more cards at a time) and any cards u need to


-use switch or guzma after poisoning a pokemon with salazzle and then send out darkrai gx to use deadend gx


-put poison barb on darkrai gx and then wait for a pokemon to get poisoned and use deadend gx on it (use guzma to force opponent to send out a gx or ex pokemon if they have one on their bench)


i dont have any more poison barbs or altars of the moone though so they arent easy to get during a match without using raticate


do u know of any cards u think would work better here?


EDIT: i forgot u can flip a coin to get rid of burn

i replaced the houndooms and houndours with salandits and salazzles

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Too much energies, too low trainers.


Trainers move your deck. Trainers get you what you want, in the moment you need it. It's better having 1 Ultra ball and 3 pokémon, than 4 pokémon. In addition, Ultraball search for any pokémon, not only the mentioned 3. Hope you get what I mean.


Competitive decks look like 14/32/14 (kind of 15/30/15).


It's clear it's a budget deck. Cilan it's a bad Supporter. You don't wste your Supporter turn getting 3 energies, when Professor letter gets you 2 and still you can play Juniper/Sycamore, Guzma/Lysandre, or other. You cannot add 3 energies in same turn anyway (but in certain scenarios with abilities and so on, it's not the case).


Pokémon center lady is a Supporter you won't see in play either. And you run too much Pokémon fan club. What I would do would be play 4 Ultra ball (this will help Darkrai GX to come into play with an energy if it was in hand and you discard it) and Nest ball, Level ball, Heavy ball.


Talking about Dead End, it's a GX attack, so you only can use one in the whole game. It seems you don't have a plan b. With what will you attack next turns? Can you 1HKO (1 hit KO) the opponent's?


Yveltal GX haven't seen play in any format. Sadly (because it's my fav pokémon) it's a bad card. Yveltal EX on the other side, it's quite good! :wub:


The Alolan rats plan seems nice theoretically. But will they resist a couple turns while you set up in your bench? You find Raticate soon enough? Again, Balls!


Talking about Expanded, there are some cards called ACE SPEC. You can only run one in the whole deck because of how much powerful they are. There are 13 to choose from. But only 4 or 5 are widely played. Computer search, Dowsing machine, Scramble switch, Scoop up cyclone and Master ball are the best. The two first cost some packs, but you can easily get the other ones at 1 or 2 packs as much (or a couple for 3 packs maybe). EVERY Expanded deck MUST play an Ace spec. And a Karen too, to have an opportunity against Night March.


Focused on Darkness, there are some very good cards also, like Dark patch. It was expensive before but now, it's not too much about the price but to find it out there.


Think about upgrading your damage (Muscle band, Choice band...). Field blower or Startling megaphone are nice to have around.


I like Darkrai+Poison tho so, why not adding Hypnotoxic laser and Virbank city gym? Combined with Salazzle you can close to !HKO opponents with Yveltal EX or Darkrai GX's Dark clave.


About the supporter line, you need The Staples:


Let's say:

1 ACE Spec

3 Juniper/Sycamore

2 Cynthia

1/1 Guzma/Lysandre (or 2 of what fits best your strategy)

2  N

2 Lillie

4 Vs seeker

4 Ultraball

1 Karen (anti Night march)


To build a deck you can start adding this or very similar list -changing some numbers up or down- to any Expanded deck. No matter the type or the strategy. It's a core that works 99% of time.


I would remove the whole Rats line. Add the supporters. Add the balls to find the pokémon. Add any resources recoveries (Rescue stretcher, Super rod, etc). Could also fit the Battle compressor (for the Darkrai). The Darkrai EX (from B/W series) would fit as gives you free retreat to pokémon with dark energies attached. If not, Float stone is a good card to have.


I would search online for a 'Darkrai Turbo' decklist to compare with yours and twist it a bit.

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thank you for helping me


im trying out what u said about 14/32/14 and its working better for me


i decided to get rid of the idea for the deadend gx deck because i thought it was too limited in what it can do

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You're welcome.


If you want to bring updated lists, will be fun to discover the evolution of the deck.


Of course 14/32/14 is not set in stone. Sometimes is 12/34/14, 16/32/12... whatever works,reducing energies as much as possible, as general rule.

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