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Codye's 2nd Legit Trading Thread :(


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Lawence here & this is my 2nd legit trading thread...I will list things before you get to my list to scroll down as it's below all of it...




Please look at my OP to see what you want for you or what you have for me, then negociate a deal with me. If I do not have something listed in my collection feel free to just ask if I have it as I just might. Also, feel free to offer stuff not on my wish list, I will still take it as it may help me in the future expand my collection or whatever or I might not find any use for it & reject it. Lastly before I get to the actual OP below, please do not create outrageous offers or I might ignore you, if you aren't sure about something's value either ask me or go find out, people will be more then helpful in telling you what it is.






Some things to take note of :


1. Anything not listed here is to be assumed to not be in my pocession & anyone even asking for such things will be ignored completey, simple as that.


2. Just becaus a trade is fair DOES NOT mean that I will accept it, I am doing this for both me & whoever you are, so that means that if I don't want what you have or don't feel good about the trade, it ain't happening...AT ALL.


3. My preference for packs is in the following order for those interested in trading packs that is:


1) Noble Victories & Undaunted


2) Unleased & Call of Legends


3) Black & White & Emerging Powers


4) Triumphant


5) Heartgold & Soulsilver


Anything I am relunctant to trade I will not except any packs that are below 3 on the above preference list & I would prefer if you never EVER offer me HGSS boosters as I have 0% interest in them. As such I would prefer if you didn't have already purchased packs when you decide to offer for something, purchase them only afterwards if possible. Lastly, I am willing to pick them myself if you prefer like I do anyway.


4. If trading for a Holo, at least provide 1 Holo, not negociable...it's just a thing with me...


5. To expand on number "2.", I will have a wanted list right below this line as you will need that to persuade me or whatever.




Okay, now on to the need & want lists...


(1)(2)(3)(4) = Exactly what they say / (?) = I am not sure how many I want so basically assume it's 4 or lower


(X or X) (X = 1, 2, 3 or 4) = I am not sure between the 2 values how many I need so I might stop wanting them at either value


(both variants) = Every single print of THAT SPECIFIC CARD from THAT SPECIFIC SET only


(1 of each) = 1 copy of each variant "both variants" refers to


~There is a Set Tab in the Filters section of Collection, Deck Builder & Trading, use it to find out if you have the right card ;) ~


~@~ WISH LIST ~@~




Rayquaza & Deoxys (1)




Kingdra (2)


Typhlosion (2)


Usaring (2)


Espeon (1)






Scraggy (3) (Apparently not released yet so I guess no worries...sigh)


~ Noble Victories / NV ~


~ Emerging Powers / EPO ~


Cobalion (both variants) (1 of each)


~ Black & White / BLW ~


Reshiram (both variants) (1 of each)


Zoroark (1)


~ Call of Legends / CL ~


Groudon (Shiny) (1)


Leafeon (Reg Holo) (1)


Holographic Basic Energy:


Lightning x10


Fire x10


Water x10


Grass x10


Psychic x10


Fighting x10


Dark x10


Steel x10


~ Triumphant / TM ~


Carnivine (Reverse Holo) (1)


Alph Lithograph (3)


~ Undaunted / UD ~


Dodrio (1)


~ Unleashed / UL ~


~ Heartgold & Soulsilver / HS ~


Please note that you do not have to offer what's on the list but they are the only cards I am looking for so things may not go well unless you have any of the above cards...or maybe it will, we will see...




<b>~@~ Notables For Trade ~@~</b>


Not updating as it is pointless...come to Trading Post Channel & look for me if you need anything, might do it in the future but not likely...or you can just ask if I have it here & I will tell you when I reply to you...


~@~Alright, ready...set...TRADE~@~




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RPG, I don't have any Special Metal Energy for trade but I will do that other thing...send it through the minute you see this message, binder should be up all day...


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I just checked and I actually don't have an oddish. lol


How about 2 Wailord (1 RH) for a Rainbow Energy?










your binder's not up btw. :)


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I have some cards that u want


I have an NB Gigalith, an NV Seismitoad, an NB Tynamo (Thunder wave), a Reshiram non-FA, a Slugma.


I want:


2 X Haxorus, 1 X Weavile, 1 X Scizor Prime


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@ RPG = apologize, my internet gave out at the worse possible time so yeah, it wasn't up but I will do the Rainbow Energy for your 2 Wailord :)




@ tyranitar20 = I think I can do that, are you sure it's CL & not HS though?




@ matthew69 = don't need the Reshiram that much but also, that's about a 6.5 Pack offer you are asking for & I don't urgantly need anything you have of my wants so...


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Tornadus, Kyurem, actually could use a Hydreigon or DCE even though I didn't list those yet or really just some valuable cards aside from just Reshiram, it's the only 1 you listed with some value imo


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Is it Holographic though, if yes then make sure you have the CL Flareon cause if not then I need to ask you to exchange something for Flareon, it can be another copy of another card in the trade or whatever but I don't need UD Flareon anymore fyi to all


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what are you asking me?




& are you reffering to Vanilluxe?




EDIT : DEAL OFF Tyranitar20, wrong set for energy, oh well :(


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Oh well...no I don't think it's fair, those cards have no real value & can't add up to 2.5 pack value which is Victini's market (pack) value here...




& anyway, ask those types of questions in the trading post chat, not here...


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