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Packs needed!


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Hello i'm trading cards for packs! I don't have a lot for trade but i have a bit of good pokemon for trade for packs. i have traded cards for packs many of times. Most of the trades i made were i complete sucess! So if you are trading any packs post here! Read here here to see what cards i have for trade! Power Play Theme deck. (3 cards not for trade) Pikachu. Raichu Sigylyph. Cyndiquil. Gothita. Darumaka. + Many more! So if you want to trade any packs for any cards from the Power Play theme deck and the cards shown above tell me what pack your trading and what cards you want.P.S DO NOT ASK ME FOR LEGENDERYS!! Also the Power play deck has the best cards i have from alll of my decks! Happy trading!!


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