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I've got the new Coin Flip VIctini


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I need bulk Steel/Dark types, and possibly some decent normal pokemon.


Post with offer, I guess? This is my first trade on here...


Specifically the BIG dark types I'm after are: Umbreon(Pretty much any), Houndoom(And Houndour), Tyranitar(And Larvitar, Pupitar), Liepard(And purrloin), Also really want the Hydreigon evolutionary line ;)


Steel types I am interested in specifically are: Aggron(Lairon, aron), Klinklang(Klink, Klang as well), Bisharp(Pawniard),


Normal Types: Stoutland(Herdier and lilipup), Haxorus(Fraxure and Axew too)


If you have plenty of spare Steel and Dark pokemon, please post with an offer :) This is a cool little Legend, I wouldn't part with it generally but my collection on here is pretty lacking... SO for the greater good I'm willing ot part with him!




It shoudl be noted that WHILE i want those Pokemon more, a trade with enough decent dark and steel pokemon will probably take the trade :) Just saying! :D


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I have:


1 Houndour


1 Tyranitar (not Prime)


1 Stoutland


2 Herdier


3 Lilipup


1 Kilnk


1 Aron


Is that enough for Filptini?


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I don't think so... I don't know if thats the Stoutland I want... ANd the Tyranitaur is useless to me without being able to evolve him... sorry. ANd the basics are also useless unless I can get evolutions for them.


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Very tempting! But i would like Something a little more playable then durants... (Plus I have two, one foiled, which is also up for trade if your interested :) )


Haxorus is pretty good, and versatile, but i need some stuff to bulk out my Dark/Steel deck a little as well :)


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Umm, i think so? :P


DO i have to do anything after I place the cards in my binder? Or do i just have to move tehm there? :| Kinda new to trading on here...


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