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please help with info


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cant find this info despite trying, help me out, the cards we get in beta, will they transfer over to the game when it goes gold/live? what are tokens used for, when is the game expecting to go gold/live? also will there be a game mode that prohibits the use of super ultra rare cards


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Hi there!




We do not anticipate another database wipe so everyone's cards from beta are expected to remain the same when the game goes live. Players should be prepared for one just in case though, because strange and surprising things can happen during beta!




Not much info on tokens has been given out yet, other than we hope to have them available to start pruchasing avatar items soon.




We don't have a release date on when the game goes live but our shinier version of beta is supposed to hit the ground running in early 2012!




You can find more info on these things and more in<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 128); ] in the Front Page section.




Hope that helps!




Prof. Snow


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thanks, I just wish you could have some sort of insurance on our cards, thats pretty cool though that we get to have a real pack and an online pack for the price of one


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