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Tritman's trade thread.


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Hello! i'm tritman and welcome to my trade thread! I don't have a LOT of cards yet. But so far i have opened a Power play Theme Deck. 2 pokemon black & white packs. And 3 HGSS Packs. And if we are trading i'll tell you if yes if i put this upthumbs_down.png (tritman) (Your user name here.) And here are a list of cards for trade.


Krookodile (1)


Krookokrok (2)


Mareep (1)


Flaffy (1)


Ampharhos (1)


Roggenrola (2)


Boldore (2)


Energy Search EP (1)


Energy Search BW (1)


Bill HGSS (1)


Gothita (1)


Fighting Energy (6)


Water Energy (1)


Fire Energy (6)


Steel Energy (6)




Chubchoo (1)


Ducklett (1)


Pikachu (3)


Raichu (1)


Drillbur BW (1)


Digglet (1)


Sandile (3)


Sawk (1)


Throh (1)


Chansey (1)


Minccino (1)


Cinccino (1)


Hoothoot (1)


Togepi (3)


Togetic (1)


Chinchou (2)


Bianca (1)


Burned Tower (1)


Dark Energy (2)


Full Heal (1)


Grass Energy (2)


Great Ball (1)


Pokemon Commun... (1)


Switch (1)


Professer Elm Training Meth... (1)


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Nope not right now. I'll probably get some Noble Victories or Emerging Powers packs in the middle of December.


P.S i'm editing the list in a few minutes


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