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A few NV things up for trade, and art?


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Just started playing again (the last set I bought before was Team Rocket 11 years ago lol) and I'm a bit broke so this is all I got for now. If I could actually get any packs outta these thatd be pretty sweet, but I'll take other stuff. Just make an offer.












Cofagrigas (Durable Body)


N (regular)


2nd Ho-Oh LEGEND piece


And some other commons and stuff up in my binder.




Feel free to be generous to help a poor starving artist get his Pokemon fix! Speaking of which... that gives me an idea. If anyone wants to trade a pack for a drawing I could do that. Are you allowed to do that? Here's some of my stuff if that sounds interesting to anyone (There's also a little pokemon animation I did on my main profile there:). stealth-logic.newgrounds.com/art/


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