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My thoughts on the direction of my decks

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TRIFORCE_R2 is slimmed down and has arbok without the other purples/psy.

lucky coin actually does more dmg than muscle band esp the more reflips.

the more energy the more i can use energy guzzling powerful attacks. i got the hang of using it to 3/4 ko then followup with 1/4 attack to spare energy. ex charizard and splitbomb. 

i play tested lucky coin more and found that the attack with hurt self flip can be reflipped BUT it counts as that one shot per turn. Idk if it works with confused.


FROZEN_DRIVE i liked playing stalling with heals and tanky pokemon on this one. then i would just rotate out pokemon till i get my finisher/allstar out and prep'd.

Lapras was fun to play. i actually wanted more energy in the discard pile to use seafaring more. retreat costs could help with that.

the deck elements/colors matches fighting water one metal.


RECON_~ i wanted to make a recon deck that probes the opponents hand and reacts to it. so i added gumshoos and wanted nidoking as the MVP,  so may be swtich item into nidoking's snare.

the elements are psy grass and one fire(flamereon).



ive been working on yugioh and mtg decks w/ their probability stuff. that and helping with car repairs soaked up alot of my time. 






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