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Trading some of my good cards for NV Packs :)


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I am trading some good cards ONLY for NV packs & they are as followed;






"I only have 1 of anything on this list but have lines to offer to better the deal for you, they will be listed"


Feraligatr Prime (3 Packs) (Have 4 Totodiles) (In High Demand so be aware of that)


Meganium Prime (1-2 Packs) (have 4 Chikoritas & 4 Bayleefs)


Beartic (Sheer Cold) (2 Packs) (have 3 Cubchoo)


Samurott (Ability) (2-3 Packs)


Cinccino (Do the Wave) (1-2 Packs)


Serperior (Ability) (2-3 Packs)


Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND (3-5 Packs FULL) (Not trading parts of this, only as ******)




Venomoth (1 Pack) (Have 2 or more Venonat) (may have 2 Venomoth)


Victreebel (1 Pack) (have 4 Bellsprout & 2 Weepinbell) (have 2 Victreebel)


Mime Jr. (1 Pack)


Dodrio (1 Pack) (have a Doduo)


Roserade (1 Pack) (have 2 to 3 Roselia)


Flower Shop Lady (1 Pack)




I can offer .5 Discount for cards with a * in front of them if added along with other things that don't have a * in front of it, ONLY accepting boosters of the Noble Victories variant, have no interest in anything else really, if you insist on offering something else, I have a Binder, go do it there if able please...






I have other things in my Binder too if this isn't working though my good cards I am willing to part with are all here really...


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