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im gonna go on a limb here not sure if anyone had made such a thread but lets discuss non standard deck strength/weakness and startegies . what i meant by non standard is that i kinda see many of the same deck flying around , reshiboar , lost zone , goth lock to name a few . so i want to start a threat where people post original idea for a deck you know personal/fun/unique decks .


i had a deck in mind (hopefuly no one has already thought of it ) :


kyurem x 3


totodile x 4


croconaw x 3


feraligtr prime x 2


palkia x 3


togepi x 3


togetic x2


togekiss x 1


delibird x 2


cleffa x 2


25 pokes in total




switch x 3


pokemon communication x 2


catcher x 2


rare candy x 2


supporter :


proff oaks new theory x 2


proff elm training x 2


bianca x 2


pokemon collector or twins x 2


energy :


water x 18


strategy :


idea is pull feralgtr prime out as soon as possible aka start dancing so you can pump up palkia or kyurem as soon as possibe .the main idea is making it as hard as possible for the opponent to set up , first kyurem will mess up their bench pokes with glaciate hitting all of them for 30 , palkia will further distrubt it by using wormhole smacking pokes for 60 and forcing them back to the bench if you have 2 palkia is even better just inter switch and keep bashing . togekiss is like the pokemon centre if your palkia and friends are about to die just use switch to pull her out and heal everyone back to full plus togetic allows you to search for cards .delibird and cleffa are for early draw power and have cheap retreat cost can be used as meat wall if neccesary .


problems :


is very hand orientated you need the right cards for the right time , it goes trough the deck very quickly , damage output is not very high and if your unable to seat up feralagtr prime early game is very hard to win . im pretty sure there is way more .


please comment and give me advice :) and if possible post your own original deck to talk about :) plus im not that sure about the trainer/supporter/energy/pokemon ratio cause im not as experience as many others in the community so please dont shoot me down if i seem out of line for a beginer


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drop togekiss line for blastoise, add in max potions also fit a junk arm or 2... so you can retreat/switch then move energy to the new active + heal the hurt pokemon.


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Twins can be really useful - This deck won't be remarkably fast, and if you have an unlucky draw, Twins can let you pull any 2 cards from your deck. Pokemon Collector will also help, because Kyurem and Pakia are Basic. You can access them easily, or find some cards to let you search for Feraligatr Prime with Pokemon Communication.


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