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Noble Victories Cobalion


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Pokemon (20)


4x Cobalion (NV)


3x Skarmory


2x Klink (EP)


2x Klang (EP)


2x Klinklang (BW)


2x Kyurem


1x Cleffa


2x Phanphy


2x Donphan Prime


Trainers (27)




4x Pokemon Communication


3x Eviolite


3x Switch




4x Junpier


3x Collector


2x Junk Arm


2x Dual Ball


2x Max Potion/Pokemon Catcher


Energy (13)


4x Special Metal


4x Rainbow


5x Metal NRG


The strategy is pretty simple -> Special Metal + Eviolite on Cobalion makes for an impressive walll. Kyurem is tech. I'm considering running Sammurott and DCEs over the Klingklang line which could open up the Kyurem/Donphan for other tech.


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If you want to run a deck that focuses soley on Cobalion for his attack, you'll want to steamline this. Drop the Kingklangs, Skarmoy, and Donphan lines. You can try running Electrode Prime and using his Poke Power to get out energy ASAP. Keep Kyurem, it's a good tech with Cobalion to hit Fire pokemon for weakness. And Glaciate is boss.




So, in an easier viewing form:


-2/2/2 Kingklang


-3 Skarmory


-1 Communication


-2/2 Donphan Prime


+3/3 Electrode Prime


+3 Sage's Training


+2 Twins (since you'll be KO'ing Electrode why not make the most of it?)


+2 Elm's Training Method




Start with Cobalion, Kyurem and Voltorb. T2, hopefully you can explode an Electrode to get the energy needed for Cobalion and keep them locked. You can then twins to get another Cobalion set up, or Electrode if you need more energy. That said, you may want to run some more energy in this since you'll be KO'ing Electrode for it


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