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I'm new and I'm having a couple issues. I know there's a FAQ, but I didn't see the answers I need in there so I wanted to make a post. Please help me out. Thanks


1. How can I face other people? Facing the same CPU characters are boring.


2. How can I earn more cards?


Thanks again!


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To give you the quick answers to your questions,




1. Play the TCG Online and not the trainer challenge so you can play other people.


2. More cards can be earned by redeeming codes found in the real life booster packs and theme decks that are specially marked for online play.




You should check out Prof Snow's New Player Guide. It has a bunch of information and guides to help you along your way. Thanks!




Prof Proto


Centurion Moderator




"Being defeated is often a temporary condition, giving up makes it permanent."


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