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Your Personal Top 5 Most Annoying Theme Decks

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These are what I feel are the top 5 most annoying theme decks to play against and why followed by which ones you think.


5. Ring Of Lightning

I just had to put one theme deck from the XY series in there.  What makes this annoying is that Hoopa card with it's Hyperspace Punch which does 20 damage to 2 of your bench Pokemon so make sure you have 3 or more on there if you play against this deck.  Nothing much more to say about it.


4. Twilight Rouge

A couple of annoying things about this deck is that Lycanroc is down as the lead Pokemon of this deck but he's the least thing you should worry about when playing against it.  The Dusknoir card has an ability to put any basic Pokemon in your hand onto your bench with 30 damage done only to get more damage done on your active Pokemon.  Then there's Malamar which allows you to use used energy cards on the discard pile and charge up.  Not forgetting Salandit too with 40 damage of severe poison.


3. Hydro Fury

This fairly new deck has loads of cards that set up before you stand a chance.  Magcargo with smooth over,  Dunsparce with strike and run and the top card itself Swampert with power draw.  All this makes other theme decks very difficult to win it.  Then there's the damage plus Abomasnow that does 80 and puts your Pokemon to sleep.


2. Tropical Takedown

Only one card and Pokemon to talk about which makes this theme deck so annoying to make number 2.  Alolan Exeggutor which is easy to get into play, only requires 1 grass energy to use it's powerful attack and can come back into play really easy.  It's also easy for people to get the maximum damage of 120 going with trainer cards such as Sophocles and ultra ball which allows the opponent to discard energy.  I've also had the occasion where I've had to fight the top Pokemon 3 times in one match due to rescue stretcher.



I'm sure almost everyone has a horror story to talk about or has had a bad experience playing against this theme deck.  Everything about it is so annoying.  You know your going to loose when you see Gible all ready to go as the start off Pokemon.  Ascension instantly evolves it and it's at it's final stage Garchomp on the third turn.  That's just plain annoying especially if they also have Garchomp in their hand.  Royal blades does an insane 100 damage 1 hit KOing most Pokemon in a theme deck but if that's not bad enough your top Pokemon still can get 1 shot with the Cynthia card allowing it double damage.  200!  Every other card in this deck is a pain too.  Gumshoos does 100 if you have a Pokemon in your hand, Lucario helps the person get the perfect stuff as long as Garchomp is there, Spiritomb stops basic Pokemon from attacking it and Hippowdon does 100 damage plus more for the retreat cost of your Pokemon.

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