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Opponent Away from keyboard?


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What to do when your opponent goes away and dosen't make his/her turn , just lets the time run.




I don't know if this is a bug or sothing like that but i start getting more offfen opponents who take forever do make his/ her turn. I have waited four or five times til the time run out , but that doesn't help cause the timer start again at 20 min. After that I just surrender. Now i just suurender after 10 min when the opponent hasn't made any moves.




Any ideas on that?


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Unfortunately, the 20 minute surrender mark doesn't always work at intended. There are many times where after it rolls over the 20 minutem mark, all functions of the game become inert. Players can't even concede after this. We are working to adjust this. But Unfortunately this has become quite a troublesome issue. Thanks for bearing with us though this issue.




Prof Proto


Centurion Moderator



"Being defeated is often a temporary condition, giving up makes it permanent."






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