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Packs for Cards!


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Hello, this is my 4th trading thread, and the first devoted entirley to trading YOUR packs for MY cards.




1. I round up if the number of packs is uneven.


2. Ask if you are looking for commons/uncommons other than Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums. I trade 10 commons for a booster packs and 5 uncommons for a booster pack.


3. I prefer TM, HG&SS, UL, BW, NV, UD, EP, CoL in that order.


My Collection and Prices:


Primes, FAs and Legends:


Ampharos Prime (1.5)


Ho-oh Legend Bottom (0.5)


DCL Bottom (1)


Thunderrus (3.0)




BadBoar (0.5)


Cobalion (EP,1 foil)


Zoroark (EP, 0.5 foil)


Drapion (foil, 0.5)


Carnivine (TM, 0.5)


Krickutune (0.5)


Tropius (foil, 0.5)


Darmantian (0.5)


Blastoise (Poke-power, 1)


Simipour (0.5)


Dugtrio (0.5)


Honchkrow (0.5)


Cleffa (foil, 1.5)


Stoutland (0.5)


Cinccino (BW, 1)


Pidgeot (0.5)


Ursaring (0.5)


x2 Lucario (UL, 0.5)


Tyranitar (1)






x2 Energy Retrival (0.5)


x2 Energy Search (0.5)


Energy Switch (0.5)


Good Rod (0.5)


Junk Arm (1)


Max Potion (1)


x2 Pokemon Circulator (0.5 for both)


x4 Pokemon Coummication (1, 3 for all)


x2 Revive (0.5)


x2 Switch (0.5)


x2 Rocky Helmet (1)




Bianca (0.5)


Black Belt (0.5)


x2 Cheerleader's Cheer (0.5 for 2)


Cheren (1)


Copycat (0.5)


Emcee's Chatter (0.5, foil)


Flower Shop Lady (0.5)


x2 Judge (1)


x2 PETM (1 foil, 0.5)


x3 PONT (1)


Seeker (0.5)


x2 Twins (0.5)
















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You should choose the thread's title accordingly. "X for Y" by common understanding means you offer X and want Y. So your title should read "Cards for Packs" or at least "Your Packs for my Cards" to avoid confusion.


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