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Hidden Achievements


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I recently cleared 3 achievements that were not listed:


  • clean sweep (knock out 6 pokemon in 1 hit)
  • 500 wins (knock out 500 pokemon)
  • *blank* (no description... is just there)

I am only missing like 10 or less locks from the list... and since they require to buy new decks or kits I will pass, but only 67% looks fishy for such a small amount of unlocked achievements left.


So the question is, how many achievements are available, and where can I see the whole list?


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We are currently experiencing some issues with achievements in general. Many of them are not completed even after executing the required conditions. I personally didn't notice the percentage of completed achievements is not matching your current percentage, so it either comes down to an incorrect calculation or what you had stated, that there are achievements that are not being displayed correctly under our list. I have 34 out of 41 listed achievements myself, but my profile shows a measly 16% completed! I'll make sure to record this. Thanks!



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