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Fossil Fun and Too Many Dinos

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(Very rarely can one claim to have too many dinos.) Any good fossil ideas out there? Here're some:


1. Cradily (Plasma Blast PLB 4): its Lifesplosion attack allows you to get extra Stage 2 pokémon out, which is handy if you don't have enough fossils.


2. Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick: puts discarded Fist-type pokémon on your bench, but you can only play it if it is the last card in your hand.


PS (added more)


3. Getting them out: Sail, Jaw, Skull, Armor, etc Fossils allow you to search for specific pokémon, Fossil Excavation Map allows you to search for an Unidentified Fossil from your deck or discard and put it into your hand, and Fossil Researcher allows you to search for and put Amaura and Tyrunt directly onto your Bench.


4. Supporter Combo: Underground Expedition (look at 4 bottom cards of deck and put 2 into your hand). If you liked what you saw, you can grab it with Looker (draw 3 from the bottom of your deck), which also cycles the bottom of your deck faster in order to make each use of Underground Expedition count more. Dig that paleontology!


5. Rare Candy: Since Unidentified Fossil is treated as a Basic Pokémon when played, your fossil can jump straight to Stage 2 pokémon with a little rock candy – er, Rare Candy (as long it says "Stage 2" on it). Full-grown dinosaurs! Just add sugar.

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