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Any feedback on Sylveon GX mill deck

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x4 Eevee

x4 Sylveon GX

Total Pokémon = 8


x1 Counter Catcher

x4 Crushing Hammer

x2 Enhanced Hammer

x1 Field Blower

x4 Max Potion

x1 Nest Ball

x4 Diantha

x3 Parallel City

x2 Acerola

x2 Delinquent

x1 Guzma

x2 Lusamine

x1 N

x4 Team Flare Grunt

x2 Bodybuilding Dumbbells

x1 Team Skull Grunt

x3 Team Rockets Handiwork

Total Trainers = 38


x2 DCE

x12 Fairy Energy

Total Energy = 14

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