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UNC's Trading Cards For Packs System


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I will get to you as soon as I can if you want to trade for any packs I prefer Triuphant packs first Heartgold Soulsilver then Emerging Powers then Black and White then Unleashed then Call of Legends and Finaly Undauted and when Noble Victories come out i would like thous as well


I will make you the offer when you tell me what you want


Beartic Sheer Cold (2 packs)


Klinklang Ability (1 pack)


Shiny Raquasa (1 pack)


Megainium Prime (1 pack)


Pichu (1 pack)


Braviary Holo (1 pack)


Absol Prime (2 packs)


Top Piece of Dialga Palkia Legend (1 pack)


Samerott Ability (1 to 2 packs)


Blastoise (1 to 2 packs)


Twins (1 pack)


Cheren (1 pack)


P.O.N.T. (1 pack)


Revive (.5 or 1 pack)


Celebi Prime (1 to 2 packs)


Mismagias (1 pack)


Cobalion (1 pack)


Slowking (1 to 2 packs)


Lost World (1 to 2 packs)


Seeker (1 pack)


Profeser Elm Training Method (1 pack)


Juniper (1 pack)


Zekrom Full Art (3 packs)


Zekrom Holo (2 packs)


Tornadus Holo (2 packs)


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