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Refresher broken, need to un/reinstall every update

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Hello there,


I may or may not have made a topic about this before, but if I did, it was without result and I am here to try again... See, every time there is an update, I need to uninstall the game and then download the new version and install that.


This is because the refresher gets stuck in an infinite loop: it finishes 100%, starts the game until it says it's loading (so.. second screen or so?) and then it closes and the refresher starts again, downloads and installs again, starts the game again and then it closes again, rinse and repeat.


It is like this every update. Reinstalling does not fix this and neither does repairing the program. How can I fix this for good? Uninstalling every time is a less than ideal solution. In fact, it's not a solution, it's a workaround because I have found no solution.


I run Windows 10 64 bits, GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM, i7 7700K 4.2GHz CPU, run my system on an SSD, my demanding programs and games on a bigger SSD and smaller games like this on a 7200rpm 1TB HDD.


I really, really hope this can somehow be resolved. The rig is not even half a year old and PTCGO's refresher has been doing this since the start.


Thanks in advance,




EDIT: To add, every time I reinstall, even though I choose to keep all my settings and temporary files, all my settings, card caches, etc are gone each time. So every time I also have to click the 'dont show me again' tickboxes for the explanation pop-ups, adjust sound and graphics, etc. It really bugs me.

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