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Trulyawesome's trading place/hut thing


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Im trying to make a new deck and I need(in order from greatest to least):


Xx HGSS packs


3x T-Tar P lines 4-2-3


4x collectors


XxProf. oak




Xxpokemon catcher




Xxany other decent cards just offer




A whole dark deck I am willing to trade just ask me to post the card list if u want it


1x cleffa


1x absol P


1x bianca


2x cheerleaders cheer


2x life herb


2x Plus power


2x P comm


1x Prof. oak


1x switch


1x twins


1x ho-oh legend top piece


1x full palkia dialga legend


And thats it. BTW Xx means any amount. Thanks for trading




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ok here is the decklist the main point is to get mandibuzz set up to do 80= in one hit. Ive only lost twive with it once beacuse of unlucky coin flips, and once against a samugatr deck. It has good comeback ability because i just beat this guy when he had 2 prizes to my 4. well here it is tell me if u r interested.




3x purrloin


2x liepard


2x scraggy


1x scrafty


2x carvanha


1x sharpedo


4x vullaby


3x mandibuzz(dark pulse)


2x zorua


1x zoroark(bad one but its been doing pretty well in this deck)


1x cleffa




2x life herb


2x pokemon communication


1x bianca


2x bill


2x cheerleader cheer


2x copycat


4x engineer's adjustments


4x professor elm's training method


1x professor oak's new theory


1x twins


and 17x energies


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