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Pokemon Adventures now available on Digital

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Hey, in case nobody notice the memo from the main site yet, but Pokemon Adventures is now available to be read digitally, thanks to Viz.  Wither online, which would be on Viz website, or their app, if their name gets blurred, well, you know where else to click.  From the looks of things, RBGY has already been uploaded last month, and GSC a day or two ago, and between now and the end of the year, they well go up to B2W2, while in January,  they are going to do the ones for the movies.  Anybody who has been reading them, and wants to get back at it, or those who never got a chance to, but want to catch up, well, no time like the present.


As for me, I'll do it whenever I can, while hoping that the Electric Tales of Pikachu manga well be doing the same in the future.

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