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Looking for magnezones.


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I have two Shaymin - one foil, one normal holo. I would be willing to trade both for 2 Donphan Primes and maybe something else? Shaymins are currently valued slightly more than Donphan Primes, I think.


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I really need those Donphan primes.


I have for trade:


1 HGSS Cleffa


2 UL Steelix Prime


1 UL Entei & Raikou bottom


1 UL Raikou & Suicune bottom


3 UL Roserade


3 UL Ursaring


2 UL Lanturn (regular non-prime)


1 UL Steelix (regular non-prime)


1 UL Manapht


1 UL Lucario


1 UL Kingdra


1 UL Beedrill


1 UL Ninetails


1 UL Poliwrath


1 UL Primeape


1 UL Tyranitar (regular non-prime)


2 BW Galvantula


1 BW Scrafty


1 BW Unfezant


2 BW Swanna


4 EP Krookodile


2 EP Swanna


2 EP Beartic (Superpower)


2 EP Scolipede


2 EP Gigalith


1 EP Simisear


1 EP Darmanitan


1 EP Swoobat


1 EP Gothitelle (non-room)




What would you like from here?


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