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Furious Knights Error


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There are some errors in Furious Knights in The Trainer Challenge


-Thunder Wave Tynamo instead of Tackle Tynamo


-Escavelier has Reverse-Holo Effect instead of Theme deck Holo


-Elektross is Reverse Holo instead of Non-Holo


-BW Audino instead of NV Audino


-BW Zebstrika instead of NV Zebstrika


-Reverse Holo Effect is wrong


each of these is fix in tcgo except for Reverse-Holo Effect


Plz FIx


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Hey Trainer!






Please submit a bug report via the support portal so that the Support Team can track and investigate this issue for you !




Thanks for your report!




Prof. Capybara




Vespa Woman





"Never knows best..."


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BW Audino? OUCH XD The rest are pretty nice, but in an AI-only setting I too would prefer to use the actual deck and not some fake product.




I haven't paid attention to holo's (I don't care, and I don't recognize), but Fast Daze also has an error: Wrong NV Larvesta. It has the Ember one, while it should have the Take Down one.




Heck, it's done on purpose, right? It can't be a coincidence, since Power Play also has wrong versions. I'd like to say here: Please, STOP doing that! People want to use the deck they bought (or traded for)! People don't want to use some butchered version, no matter if it's better or worse. If you want to keep the butchered version, then let us unlock the true version by completing the butchered version!




EDIT: sent a ticket under Trainer Challenge criticism to let this be known.


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