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Every Single Pokemon GX Giveaway. Closed for now. New posts won't be registered.

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Closed for the time being. New posts won't be registered so don't bother. Feel free to message me in-game when I am online to redeem pending prizes




Over the course of the next year or two, I will be giving away one Ultra Rare or more to at least 10 users per week. This giveaway has evolved a lot since it started in August 2018.

How it works: Once a week, on Sunday, I will roll 10 Prizes, that will go to 10 Users. Every single prize in this giveaway has the same chance of appearing. So your prize can be anything listed below, between a simple Arceus Prism Star, to a Rainbow Rare Tapu Lele GX, or even as much as a Plasma Freeze Secret Rare Ultra Ball.


All Prizes will Always be available.

How To Join: To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is post in this thread. Every time you post, I will add your username to a list of potential winners on my probability client. You can be entered more than once as well. However, there is a catch. You may only post in this thread to enter the giveaway once a day.


Additionally, if your forum account was made at any time AFTER my Official Account Deadline, then you won't be added at all. (I'll occasionally change that date, since this giveaway is expected to last a long time).


Current Official Account Deadline: January 21, 2019

(Your account must have been made before this date for your entries to be counted)


If your account was created before the Deadline, you can comment "I have read the rules and I will follow them" as your first comment and that entry will count as 5 entries.


Banned Users: KyhnTR, AlexQTTran, jaystep, Masirus, BloodJayne, 1_TrickPony, letam1234, 0Jmachine0, Hunter1471, stump604, 94dexter, Klovely, PapaJohn0420

How To Claim Your Prize: Every time somebody wins a prize, it will be added to the Pending Prizes chart on the second post of this thread. To claim your prize, you must do ALL of the following steps.


1. Send a friend request to LordKieta. It helps if you post that you sent a friend request to me. (If you already entered for the day, that's okay. :0 I won't count it against you)


1a. Do NOT assume that were already friends. Even if you just won and claimed a prize the day before, please still send a friend request. I delete all new friends right after a scheduled trade is completed.


2. Have a SHELGON card tagged. I will only accept SHELGON in return for these prizes. They are really easy to obtain uncommon cards, there should be no excuse as to why you cannot obtain one, to trade for any of these prizes.


3. Accept the trade.


If you do not want your prize, you do not have to claim it.


I send ALL PRIZES on SUNDAYS! Try to log in on Sunday or Monday so you can redeem your prize. If you werent friends or didn't have a Shelgon tagged during the first Sunday, you have to wait until the next week for me to send your prize. If I am online, and you need your prizes, feel free to message me to send (Online, not on the forums), but I dont usually see those messages so I might not be able to.


Deadlines: Your prize will naturally expire if you don't send friend requests or have Shelgons tagged. If you've sent a friend request and you're just waiting for me to send an offer, then you have nothing to worry about.



Large Update



1. I added all Team Up cards as well as any missing Promo GXes.

2. I removed "Staple Playsets"

3. I added all Pokemon EXes. Theyre not all shown on the front page yet, but they are all available to win.

4. You can win multiple prizes now. You have a 25% chance of winning an additional prize after each prize won.

5. If you post at all and your account was made after the Registration Deadline, I'll be adding you to the banned list, and that's it. The rules apply to everyone. You'll be removed from the Banned Users list after I feel it's been long enough that you last posted.



Coming Soon: PreRelease Promos, Other Promos.


I pretty much plan on giving away all Ultra Rares and special cards at some point in the lifetime of this giveaway. I will NOT be giving out HGSS era cards. Ever. Stop asking me to add them.

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Pending Prizes


Cheebacca (Needs to tag a Shelgon)
-Necrozma GX
-Secret Rare Gyarados EX
-Tin Promo Gyarados EX
-Machamp GX
SOLEdier (Needs to tag a Shelgon)
-M Pidgeot EX
-Raikou EX
-Togekiss EX
slm37102 (Needs to send a friend request)
-Secret Rare Rescue Stretcher
Igor-Pivomar (Expired)
-Rainbow Kartana GX
-Flashfire Stoke Charizard EX
Sephlsl (Expired)
-Blacephalon GX
PinkFluid (Expired)
-Full Art Pikachu and Zekrom GX
Harion (Expired)
-Suicune GX
-Promo Golisopod GX
-Rainbow Tapu Fini GX
-Full Art Judge
-Secret Rare Gyarados EX
-Full Art Tapu Fini GX
-Nihilego GX
fafa_13 (Needs to tag a Shelgon)
-Team Up Incineroar GX
-Kartana GX
VeteranEngie (Needs to tag a Shelgon)
-Team Up Mr. Mime GX
ioni9511 (Expired) 
-Rainbow Rare Lurantis GX
-Full Art Battle Reporter
-Alolan Muk GX
-Manectric EX
MewSevenSeven (Expired)
-Full Art Aegislash EX
Devxioa (Needs to send a friend request)
-Kingdra GX
-Rainbow Pheromosa GX
Zeroarchy (Expired)
-Rainbow Promo Ho-oh GX
-Lusamine Prism Star
-Rainbow Shiftry GX
-Aggron EX
The-Powers (Needs to send a friend request)
-Secret Rare Custom Catcher
xXahmadXx (Needs to send a friend request)
-Magnezone EX
-Lusamine Prism Star
SaejLuv (Needs to send a friend request)
-Full Art Tapu Lele GX
WingsofFire1014 (Needs to send a friend request)
-Forbidden Light Full Art Dialga GX
-Rainbow Rare Mr. Mime GX
-M Sharpedo EX Promo XY200
-Promo Naganadel GX
WingullFTW (Needs to send a friend request)
-Blaziken GX
Eden2902 (Needs to send a friend request)
-Virizion GX
-Lance Prism Star
watertroll0904 (Needs to send a Friend Request)
-Secret Rare Beast Ring
XK920XK (Needs to send a friend request)
-Full Art M Scizor EX
IAMDAPACK (Needs to tag a Shelgon
-M Alakazam EX
RedGhost_ (Expired)
-BreakPoint Darkrai EX
KazaarRansoon (Expired)
-M Steelix EX
-Rainbow Kartana GX
T3muj1n7 (Expired)
-Full Art M Rayquaza EX
-Entei GX
Peonso (Expired)
-Secret Rare Choice Helmet)
Mesquite (Expired)
-Entei GX




Edited by LordKieta
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Promo Pokemon GX
Bewear GX?
Buzzwole GX?
Celesteela GX?
Charizard GX?
Dawn Wings Necrozma GX? 
Decidueye GX?
Dragonite GX?
Dusk Mane Necrozma GX? 
Eevee GX 174?
Eevee GX 175
Eevee GX 176
Espeon GX?
Flareon GX?
Glaceon GX? 
Golisopod GX?
Ho-oh GX Tin? 
Ho-oh GX Rainbow?
Incineroar GX?
Jolteon GX?
Kingdra GX?
Kommo-o GX? 
Leafeon GX?
Lucario GX?
Lunala GX Box?
Lunala GX Tin?
Lycanroc GX?
Magikarp & Wailord GX?
Marshadow GX?
Melmetal GX? Not Yet Available For Prizing.
Naganadel GX? 
Necrozma GX?
Pheromosa GX?
Primarina GX?
Raichu GX?
Raikou GX? 
Reshiram GX?
Salamence GX?
Salazzle GX? 
Silvally GX?
Snorlax GX? 
Solgaleo GX Box?
Solgaleo GX Tin? 
Tapu Bulu GX? 
Tapu Koko GX Tin? 
Tapu Koko GX Shiny?
Thundurus GX?
Tornadus GX?
Tsareena GX? 
Ultra Necrozma GX?
Umbreon GX? 
Vaporeon GX?
White Kyurem GX?
Xurkitree GX?
Zekrom GX?
Zoroark GX? 
Zygarde GX?
Sun & Moon Pokemon GX
Decidueye GX?
Espeon GX?
Espeon GX Full Art?
Expeon GX Rainbow? 
Gumshoos GX?
Gumshoos GX Full Art?
Gumshoos GX Rainbow?
Incineroar GX? 
Lapras GX?
Lapras GX Full Art?
Lapras GX Rainbow? 
Lunala GX? 
Lunala GX Full Art?
Lunala GX Rainbow?
Lurantis GX? 
Lurantis GX Full Art? 
Lurantis GX Rainbow?
Primarina GX?
Solgaleo GX?
Solgaleo GX Full Art?
Solgaleo GX Rainbow?
Tauros GX? 
Tauros GX Full Art?
Tauros GX Rainbow?
Umbreon GX?
Umbreon GX Full Art? 
Umbreon GX Rainbow? 
Guardians Rising
Alolan Ninetales GX? 
Alolan Ninetales GX Full Art? 
Alolan Ninetales GX Rainbow?
Decidueye GX Rainbow?
Drampa GX?
Drampa GX Full Art? 
Drampa GX Rainbow? 
Incineroar GX Rainbow? 
Kommo-o GX? 
Kommo-o GX Full Art? 
Kommo-o GX Rainbow? 
Lycanroc GX? 
Lycanroc GX Full Art?
Lycanroc GX Rainbow?
Metagross GX? 
Metagross GX Full Art?
Metagross GX Rainbow? 
Primarina GX Rainbow?
Sylveon GX? 
Sylveon GX Full Art?
Sylveon GX Rainbow?
Sylveon GX Alternate? 
Tapu Koko GX? 
Tapu Koko GX Full Art?
Tapu Koko GX Rainbow?
Tapu Lele GX? 
Tapu Lele GX Full Art?
Tapu Lele GX Rainbow?
Tapu Lele GX Alternate?
Toxapex GX? 
Toxapex GX Full Art?
Toxapex GX Rainbow?
Turtonator GX? 
Turtonator GX Full Art? 
Turtonator GX Rainbow?
Vikavolt GX?
Vikavolt GX Full Art? 
Vikavolt GX Rainbow?
Wishiwashi GX?
Wishiwashi GX Full Art? 
Wishiwashi GX Rainbow?
Burning Shadows
Alolan Muk GX? 
Alolan Muk GX Full Art? 
Alolan Muk GX Rainbow? 
Charizard GX? 
Charizard GX Rainbow?
Darkrai GX?
Darkrai GX Alternate? 
Darkrai GX Full Art? 
Darkrai GX Rainbow?
Gardevoir GX?
Gardevoir GX Full Art?
Gardevoir GX Rainbow?
Golisopod GX? 
Golisopod GX Full Art? 
Golisopod GX Rainbow? 
Ho-oh GX?
Ho-oh GX Full Art?
Lycanroc GX Full Art?
Lycanroc GX Rainbow?
Machamp GX?
Machamp GX Full Art? 
Machamp GX Rainbow?
Marshadow GX?
Marshadow GX Full Art?
Marshadow GX Rainbow?
Necrozma GX?
Necrozma GX Full Art?
Necrozma GX Rainbow?
Noivern GX? 
Noivern GX Full Art?
Noivern GX Rainbow?
Salazzle GX? 
Salazzle GX Full Art? 
Salazzle GX Rainbow?
Tapu Bulu GX Full Art?
Tapu Bulu GX Rainbow? 
Tapu Fini GX? 
Tapu Fini GX Full Art?
Tapu Fini GX Rainbow?
Tapu Fini GX Alternate? 
Shining Legends
Entei GX?
Entei GX Alternate? 
Entei GX Full Art? 
Entei GX Rainbow? 
Mewtwo GX? 
Mewtwo GX Full Art? 
Mewtwo GX Rainbow?
Mewtwo GX Secret Rare? 
Raichu GX?
Raichu GX Rainbow?
Zoroark GX? 
Zoroark GX Rainbow?


Edited by LordKieta
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Crimson Invasion


Alolan Exeggutor GX?

Alolan Exeggutor GX Full Art? 

Alolan Exeggutor GX Rainbow? 

Alolan Golem GX? 

Alolan Golem GX Full Art?

Alolan Golem GX Rainbow?

Buzzwole GX? 

Buzzwole GX Full Art?

Buzzwole GX Rainbow?

Guzzlord GX?

Guzzlord GX Alternate?

Guzzlord GX Full Art?

Guzzlord GX Rainbow?

Gyarados GX? 

Gyarados GX Full Art?

Gyarados GX Rainbow?

Kartana GX? 

Kartana GX Full Art?

Kartana GX Rainbow? 

Nihilego GX? 

Nihilego GX Full Art?

Nihilego GX Rainbow?

Silvally GX? 

Silvally GX Full Art?

Silvally GX Rainbow? 


Ultra Prism


Celesteela GX Full Art?

Celesteela GX Rainbow? 

Dawn Wings Necrozma GX?

Dawn Wings Necrozma GX Full Art?

Dawn Wings Necrozma GX Rainbow?

Dialga GX?

Dialga GX Full Art? 

Dialga GX Rainbow?

Dusk Mane Necrozma GX?

Dusk Mane Necrozma GX Full Art?

Dusk Mane Necrozma GX Rainbow? 

Glaceon GX? 

Glaceon GX Full Art?

Glaceon GX Rainbow?

Leafeon GX? 

Leafeon GX Full Art?

Leafeon GX Rainbow?

Lunala GX Gold? 

Palkia GX? 

Palkia GX Full Art?

Palkia GX Rainbow?

Pheromosa GX Full Art? 

Pheromosa GX Rainbow? 

Silvally GX?

Solgaleo GX Gold? 

Xurkitree GX Full Art? 

Xurkitree GX Rainbow?


Forbidden Light


Dialga GX? 

Dialga GX Full Art?

Dialga GX Rainbow?

Greninja GX?

Greninja GX Full Art? 

Greninja GX Rainbow? 

Lucario GX Full Art? 

Lucario GX Rainbow? 

Naganadel GX? 

Naganadel GX Full Art?

Naganadel GX Rainbow?

Palkia GX?

Palkia GX Full Art?

Palkia GX Rainbow?

Ultra Necrozma GX?

Ultra Necrozma GX Full Art?

Ultra Necrozma GX Rainbow?

Xerneas GX? 

Xerneas GX Full Art?

Xerneas GX Rainbow?

Yveltal GX? 

Yveltal GX Full Art?

Yveltal GX Rainbow? 

Zygarde GX? 

Zygarde GX Full Art?

Zygarde GX Rainbow?


Celestial Storm


Alolan Raticate GX? 

Articuno GX? 

Articuno GX Full Art? 

Articuno GX Rainbow? 

Banette GX? 

Banette GX Full Art? 

Banette GX Rainbow?

Blaziken GX?

Blaziken GX Full Art?

Blaziken GX Rainbow?

Electrode GX? 

Electrode GX Full Art? 

Electrode GX Rainbow? 

Mr. Mime GX?

Mr. Mime GX Full Art? 

Mr. Mime GX Rainbow?

Palossand GX? 

Rayquaza GX?

Rayquaza GX Full Art? 

Rayquaza GX Rainbow?

Scizor GX?

Scizor GX Full Art?

Scizor GX Rainbow?

Shiftry GX? 

Shiftry GX Full Art? 

Shiftry GX Rainbow?

Stakataka GX? 

Stakataka GX Full Art?

Stakataka GX Rainbow? 

Edited by LordKieta
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Dragon Majesty
Altaria GX?
Altaria GX Full Art?
Altaria GX Rainbow?
Dragonite GX?
Dragonite GX Full Art?
Kingdra GX?
Kingdra GX Full Art?
Reshiram GX?
Reshiram GX Full Art?
Reshiram GX Rainbow?
Salamence GX?
Salamence GX Rainbow?
Ultra Necrozma GX Gold?
White Kyurem GX?
White Kyurem GX Rainbow?
Lost Thunder
Alolan Ninetales GX?
Alolan Ninetales GX Full Art?
Alolan Ninetales GX Rainbow?
Blacephalon GX?
Blacephalon GX Full Art?
Blacephalon GX Rainbow?
Genesect GX? 
Genesect GX Full Art?
Genesect GX Rainbow?
Lugia GX?
Lugia GX Full Art?
Lugia GX Rainbow?
Magcargo GX?
Magcargo GX Full Art? 
Magcargo GX Rainbow?
Mimikyu GX? 
Mimikyu GX Full Art?
Mimikyu GX Rainbow?
Sceptile GX?
Sceptile GX Full Art?
Sceptile GX Rainbow?
Shuckle GX?
Shuckle GX Full Art?
Shuckle GX Rainbow?
Sigilyph GX?
Sigilyph GX Full Art?
Sigilyph GX Rainbow?
Suicune GX?
Suicune GX Full Art?
Suicune GX Rainbow? 
Tyranitar GX?
Tyranitar GX Full Art?
Tyranitar GX Rainbow?
Virizion GX?
Virizion GX Full Art?
Virizion GX Rainbow? 
Zeraora GX?
Zeraora GX Full Art?
Zeraora GX Rainbow?
Team Up
Ampharos GX?
Ampharos GX Full Art?
Ampharos GX Rainbow?
Celebi & Venusaur GX?
Celebi & Venusaur GX Full Art?
Celebi & Venusaur GX Rainbow?
Cobalion GX?
Cobalion GX Full Art?
Cobalion GX Rainbow?
Eevee & Snorlax GX?
Eevee & Snorlax GX Full Art?
Eevee & Snorlax GX Rainbow?
Gengar & Mimikyu GX?
Gengar & Mimikyu GX Full Art?
Gengar & Mimikyu GX Alternative Full Art?
Gengar & Mimikyu GX Rainbow?
Hoopa GX?
Hoopa GX Full Art?
Hoopa GX Rainbow?
Incineroar GX?
Incineroar GX Full Art?
Incineroar GX Rainbow?
Latias & Latios GX?
Latias & Latios GX Full Art?
Latias & Latios GX Alternative Full Art?
Latias & Latios GX Rainbow?
Lycanroc GX?
Magikarp & Wailord GX Full Art?
Magikarp & Wailord GX Alternative Full Art?
Magikarp & Wailord GX Rainbow?
Mr. Mime GX?
Pikachu & Zekrom GX?
Pikachu & Zekrom GX Full Art?
Pikachu & Zekrom GX Rainbow?

Edited by LordKieta
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Black White Full Art Supporters








Professor Juniper?



XY Full Art Supporters


Archie's Ace In The Hole?


Battle Reporter?



Brock's Grit?


Fossil Researcher?

Giovanni's Scheme?

Hex Maniac?



Lysandre's Trump Card?

Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick?

Misty's Determination? 


Pokemon Center Lady?

Pokemon Fan Club?

Pokemon Ranger?

Professor Birch's Observations?

Professor Sycamore? 




Team Flare Grunt? 

Team Rocket's Handiwork?






Sun Moon Full Art Supporters



Apricorn Maker?

Bill's Maintenance?

Blaine's Last Stand?


Brock's Grit?


Crasher Wake?




Erika's Hospitality?









Ingo & Emmet?






Lillie SunMoon?

Lillie Ultra Prism?



Lusamine Crimson Invasion?

Lusamine Ultra Prism?










Pokemon Breeder?

Pokemon Fan Club?

Professor Elm's Lecture?

Professor Kukui?

Sabrina's Suggestion?


Steven's Resolve?

Tate & Liza?

Team Skull Grunt? 

TV Reporter?

Ultra Recon Squad?

Underground Expedition?





Edited by LordKieta
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Black White Secret Rare Trainers


Max Potion?

Pokemon Catcher?

Random Receiver?

Rare Candy?

Rocky Helmet?

Ultra Ball?


XY Secret Rare Trainers


Dive Ball?

Energy Retrieval?

Energy Switch?

Enhanced Hammer?


Trainers' Mail?

VS Seeker? 

Weakness Policy?


Sun Moon Secret Rare Trainers


Acro Bike?

Adventure Bag?

Aqua Patch?

Beast Ring?

Bodybuilding Dumbbells?

Choice Band?

Choice Helmet?

Counter Catcher?

Counter Gain?

Crushing Hammer

Custom Catcher?

Dangerous Drill?

Dragon Talon?




Energy Recycler?

Enhanced Hammer?

Escape Board?

Escape Rope?

Field Blower?

Fiery Flint?

Hustle Belt?

Judge Whistle?

Life Herb?

Lost Blender?

Max Potion?

Metal Frying Pan?

Metal Goggles?

Missing Clover?

Multi Switch?

Mysterious Treasure?

Nest Ball?

Net Ball?

Peeking Red Card?

Pokemon Communication?


Rainbow Brush?

Rare Candy?

Rescue Stretcher?

Rotom Dex?

Spell Tag?

Super Scoop Up?


Switch Raft?

Ultra Ball?

Wait and See Hammer?

Wishful Baton?


Secret Rare Energy


Counter Energy?

Darkness Energy?

Double Colorless Energy?

Fairy Energy?

Fighting Energy?

Fire Energy? 

Grass Energy?

Lightning Energy?

Metal Energy?

Psychic Energy?

Rainbow Energy?

Unit Energy FDY?

Unit Energy GRW?

Unit Energy LPM?

Warp Energy?

Water Energy?

Edited by LordKieta
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Prism Stars

Beast Energy?
Black Market?
Heat Factory?
Life Forest?
Super Boost Energy?
Tapu Koko?
Thunder Mountain?
Wondrous Labyrinth?
Pokemon BREAK
Edited by LordKieta
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Black White Pokemon EX


Articuno EX?
Articuno EX Full Art?
Black Kyurem EX Boundaries Crossed?
Black Kyurem EX Full Art?
Black Kyurem EX Legendary Treasures?
Black Kyurem EX Plasma Storm?

Black Kyurem EX Promo?

Celebi EX?
Celebi EX Full Art?
Chandelure EX?

Cobalion EX?
Cobalion EX Full Art?

Cresselia EX?
Cresselia EX Full Art?

Darkrai EX Dark Explorers?
Darkrai EX Full Art?
Darkrai EX Legendary Treasures?
Darkrai EX Promo?

Deoxys EX Plasma Freeze?
Deoxys EX Full Art?

Deoxys EX Promo?

Dialga EX?
Dialga EX Full Art?
Entei EX?
Entei EX Full Art?
Excadrill EX?
Genesect EX?
Genesect EX Full Art?

Giratina EX?
Giratina EX Full Art?

Groudon EX?
Groudon EX Full Art?

Heatran EX?
Heatran EX Full Art?

Ho-oh EX?
Ho-oh EX Full Art?

Jirachi EX?
Jirachi EX Full Art?

Keldeo EX Boundaries Crossed?
Keldeo EX Full Art?

Keldeo EX Legendary Treasures?
Keldeo EX Promo?

Kyogre EX?

Kyurem EX Next Destinies?

Kyurem EX Full Art?
Kyurem EX Legendary Treasures?
Kyurem EX Plasma Blast?
Kyurem EX Promo?

Landorus EX?
Landorus EX Full Art?

Latias EX?
Latias EX Full Art?

Latios EX?
Latios EX Full Art?

Lugia EX Plasma Storm?
Lugia EX Full Art?

Lugia EX Legendary Treasures?
Lugia EX Promo?

Meloetta EX?
Meloetta EX Full Art?
Mew EX Dragons Exalted?
Mew EX Dragons Exalted Full Art?

Mew EX Legendary Treasures Full Art?

Mewtwo EX Next Destinies?
Mewtwo EX Full Art?
Mewtwo EX Legendary Treasures?
Mewtwo EX Promo?

Moltres EX?

Palkia EX?
Palkia EX Full Art?

Raikou EX?
Raikou EX Full Art?
Rayquaza EX Dragons Exalted?
Rayquaza EX Full Art?
Rayquaza EX Promo?

Regigigas EX?

Registeel EX?
Registeel EX Full Art?
Reshiram EX Next Destinies?
Reshiram EX Full Art?
Reshiram EX Legendary Treasures?

Reshiram EX Legendary Treasures League?
Reshiram EX Promo?

Shaymin EX Next Destinies?
Shaymin EX Next Destinies Full Art?
Shaymin EX Legendary Treasures Full Art?

Terrakion EX?
Terrakion EX Full Art?
Thundurus EX Plasma Freeze?
Thundurus EX Full Art?
Thundurus EX Promo?

Tornadus EX Dark Explorers?
Tornadus EX Dark Explorers Full Art?
Tornadus EX Plasma Freeze?
Tornadus EX Plasma Freeze Full Art?
Tornadus EX Promo?

Victini EX Plasma Storm?
Victini EX Full Art?
Victini EX Legendary Treasures?
Virizion EX?

Virizion EX Full Art?

White Kyurem EX Boundaries Crossed?

White Kyurem EX Full Art?
White Kyurem EX Plasma Storm?
White Kyurem EX Promo?

Zapdos EX?
Zekrom EX Next Destinies?
Zekrom EX Full Art?

Zekrom EX Legendary Treasures?
Zekrom EX Legendary Treasures League?
Zekrom EX Promo?


Edited by LordKieta
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XY Pokemon EX Promos


Absol EX?

Aerodactyl EX?

Ash-Greninja EX?

Aurorus EX?
Beedrill EX?

Blastoise EX?

Blastoise EX Full Art?

Blaziken EX?

Charizard EX Mega Ascension?

Charizard EX Stoke?
Charizard EX Full Art?

Chesnaught EX?

Delphox EX?

Diancie EX?
Flygon EX?

Gallade EX?

Garchomp EX Dual Chop?
Garchomp EX Shred?

Greninja EX?
Groudon EX?

Gyarados EX?
Hoopa EX Hyperspace Fury?
Hoopa EX Hyperspace Ring?

Krookodile EX?

Kyogre EX?
Latios EX?

M Absol EX?
M Aerodactyl EX?

M Beedrill EX?




Edited by LordKieta

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I don't think I'm gonna use 12 posts. This is pretty big, but not like, a whole another trading company big. 

But I thought 12 posts was too much space when I first made Violet City, and.... it's not enough. 

But this isn't that big. 


I don't know what the future holds for this giveaway, so I'm glad I got the extra space. 

Edited by LordKieta

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Can we post now?

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Can we post now?

Yep. Anyone can post now :)

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Thanks man, this is great.


Good luck everyone!

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All right, seems to be interesting. Count me in. Can I post again tomorrow or in 24h and 1minute?

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All right, seems to be interesting. Count me in. Can I post again tomorrow or in 24h and 1minute?

You can post as often as you like. But posts entered into the giveaway must be at least a full 24 hours apart from each other.


EDIT: Lemme re-clarify. I will only count posts that are 24 hours or more apart from each other.

Edited by LordKieta

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Wow... How generous...

Count me in. 

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Wow nice

I´m in!

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Let's get it on !

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Do NOT ask for a different prize. I get it, sometimes you're underwhelmed or disappointed that you only won a Wishiwashi GX. But this is a FREE prize. If you don't want it, that's okay. But please do not try to change your prize.


We don`t get to complain about free prizes ? But that undermines the entire spirit of the Pokemon TCGO forum :(.

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Woah! This is amazing! I could use ANY of these cards! Count me in on the giveaway!

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May as well post, cool giveaway idea

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Awseome idea for a giveaway, I'm in!

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Thank you for doing this awesome giveaway. Count me in!

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