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2.54 Patch Notes | July 31, 2018

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On July 31, 2018 the Pokémon TCG Online was updated to version 2.54. Changes in this version include:


  • Added support for the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm expansion. This expansion will be available in the game on August 2 and will be legal for use in tournaments starting August 17.
  • Amoonguss (PLS #13): Astonish now forces the opponent to shuffle the appropriate number of cards into their deck.
  • Bronzong (FCO #61): The Metal Fortress Ability no longer prevents effects of attacks by the owner which move damage counters of their Benched Pokémon to the opponent's Benched Pokémon.
  • Cedric Juniper (LTR #110): Selecting a Prism Star Pokémon will no longer prevent the match from progressing.
  • Greninja (BKP #40): Returning a Special Energy to your hand for Moonlight Slash no longer prevents Greninja from being affected by retaliation effects on the Defending Pokémon.
  • Pidgeot-EX (EVO #64, 104): After Pidgeot-EX is damaged by an opponent's attack on consecutive turns Mirror Move will now do the appropriate amount damage.
  • Suicune (BKP #30): Wind Charm's effect no longer applies to Pokémon in the hand, deck, and discard pile.
  • Warp Energy (SLG #70, CIN #123): Pokémon with the Alpha Growth Ancient Trait can now consistently attach an additional Energy when Warp Energy is attached first.
  • Wonder Energy (PRC #114): Attack effects can now consistently move damage counters off of the attacking player's Benched Pokémon with Wonder Energy attached.
  • Xerneas-GX (FLI #90, 126, 139): Sanctuary GX will no longer fail to move any damage counters if Xerneas-GX has Wonder Energy attached and is your only damaged Pokemon.
  • Devolving a Stage 2 Pokémon will no longer cause all attached Energy to be discarded if the Stage 1 Pokémon below it was played directly to the Bench, rather than on top of a Basic Pokémon.
  • Entering the Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm set icon codes into any text field no longer causes the game to stop rendering text until the client is closed and relaunched.
  • Bundle Pack items now appear in the Create Trade section.
Edited by Liesik
Fixed Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm expansion availability date.

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