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chiniac00's Trading Thread


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Hello everyone! I've been recently trading around, and it seems to me that it's easier on the threads. I'm going to update when I *** the cards I need. So, here goes!


Looking for:


2 Tyranitar Primes


1 Zekrom FA


1 Reshiram FA




Just ask, because I can't remember what I have.


I know I have,


6 Unused Booster Credits (will take requests)


1 Full DP Legend


1 Pikachu Secret Rare


1 Lugia Shiny Ultra Rare


That's about all the good stuff I can remember, but just ask, and I'll tell


you if It's available or not. Happy Trading!


EDIT: 11/25/11




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3-larvitar- pupitar for pikachu (do not need the others) I will check your binder



alright. make an offer. But, sometimes my binder disappears, so tell me if there is not a lot.




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Rare Candy holo (4) + BW Zorua


for Celeci prime (1) DPL (2) Pikachu rare (1.5)



I don't really know the value of them, but, I don't need the Zorua anymore, and I need two rare candies. So, how much would that be worth?




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>two rare candy are worth 6-8 packs. (ie. u do not have enough cards to trade for both)


Here's a trade for only rare candy


Rare Candy holo (4)




Celebi Prime (1)


Pikachu Rare (1.5)




>Another card or cards


>I need (Defender X 4, Max potion X 1, Pluspower X 1, Super Rod X 1, Junk arm X 4, Communication X1, choose about any 3 of these cards then we have a deal.)


>If not then replace 3 of these cards with DPL Legend full (the worst legend)


>also could u put up ur hole binder so I can see it




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