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LF:packs FT:not much...


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hello everybody im new here and i need some packs so i can build up my collection. Im mainly looking for HGSS packs but i will take anything else. I dont have much but here it is(oh and if i'm over pricing my cards can someone tell me how much they are really worth thx):


Cheren x4:1 pack


Bill x2: .5


Black belt: .5


Bianca: .75


Cheerleadrs cheer x2: .5 packs


Junk arm x2: .5


Life herb x2: .5


plus power x2: .5


Pokemon communications: 1


rescue energy: 1


twins: 1


LF: HGSS packs


Thank You


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Mathew u got any dark cards, or other staple trainers? And thx prodigy for telling me the pirice of each card.


Everything above is now worth .5


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