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Hi, I'm trading my cards for your booster. I accept all packs, but preference for TriuMphant, UnLeashed, HeartGold:SoulSilver first, then comes the EmergingPowers, BlackWhite, UnDaunted packs. Coming in last is CallOfLegends.


Prices can be negotiated




Lugia Legend (upside) - 1pack




2x Volbeat - 1pack


Golduck (A) line - 1pack


Manaphy - 1pack


Cinccino (wave) - 1pack


2x Eevee (Call4Family) - 1pack<b>




Any 2 cards (1 line = 1 card) for 1 pack:


Pokémon: Butterfree, Carnivine, Kricketune, Tropius, Venomoth, Magby(x2), Wartotle, Delibird, Buizel, Tentacruel (line), Ampharos, Minun, Grumpig, Jynx (mimic), Unown (flash), Wobbuffet (Reverse), Donphan (line, phanpy ability), Hitmontop+Hitmonlee, Machoke, Flareon (Reverse), Forretress (holo)


Supporters, Trainers and SP Energy: Copycat, Dual Ball, Energy Retrieval, Revive, Energy Switch, Junk Arm, PlusPower, PokeComm, Elm, Juniper, Super Scoop Up, Switch, Rescue Energy.


Sorry for the little amount of cards. I just started!




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