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Since as far as I know tcgo does not have a suggestion forum, here will be a suggestion area.


Here you should tell the mods any ideas you have which will make the game better and everyone happier.


While it is allowed please to not suggest things that have been heavily thrown at the mods as it is. Such as tokens for boosters


May we hope some of our suggestions will get through :).


I will start it off with a couple of my suggestion.


1 Since people are mad about the whole nightfall/daybreak deck thing you should simply add a redemption card that allows you to recieve a avatar item (umbreon hat would be awesome) and a booster credit. This is a good idea because it will cool some of peoples past angers and it would cost the pokemon company very little money.


2 Play time credit. Like the closed beta rewards. For example play 20 battls of pvp and win one booster credit.


3 Online redemption cards. There are alot of people (not me) who get card packs mainly for the redemption code. Release something like $10 card for 5 booster credits. This would also be a great money making idea for the company as well.


4 Theme booster packs. For tcgo it might be a nice idea to be able to recieve cards you want for your deck easier. For example if you were to be building a fire deck, a booster pack full of fire pokemon, normal, andtrainers would be very useful and very worth your money.


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Hey Trainer,


We appreciate your suggestions but did notice you were looking for similar suggestion topics on our pokémontcg.com forums.


Please follow this link for more information and user topics<a href="http://www.pokemontcg.com/forums/feedback-bugs-suggestions]








Prof Steel


Forum Mod



"Too Big Too Strong Too Fast Too Good!"


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