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New trading thread, looking for packs.


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Hello everyone, this is my 3rd attempt at a trading thread. I would prefer packs, but if there is a deal greatly in my favor, I will consider it. I round up if the packs come out uneven.






x2 Energy Retrival (0.5)


x2 Energy Search (0.5)


Energy Switch (0.5)


Good Rod (0.5)


Max Potion (1)


Poke ball (0.5)


Catcher (4)


Pokemon Circulator (0.5 for both)


<strike>Pokemon Coummication (0.5) </strike>


Revive (0.5)


x3 Switch (0.5)


Black Belt (0.5)


Cheerleaders Cheer (0.5 for both)


Cheren (1.5)


Copycat (0.5)


Emcee's Chatter (0.5)


Flower Shop Lady (1.5)


x2 Judge (1 for 1, 1.5 for 2)


x2 PETM (1)


Seeker (0.5)


Primes, Legends and FA's:


Ho-oh Legend Bottom (0.5)


Emboar (0.5, non-ability)


Ampharos Prime (1.5)


Thunderrus (3.5)


Darkrai & Cressalia Legend Bottom (1)


Other Pokemon:


Zoroark (0.5, EP)


Cobalion (2)


Drapion (1)


Umbreon (0.5)


Krickutune (0.5)


Tropius (0.5)


Darmatian (0.5)


B/l/a/s/t/o/i/s/e (4)


Simipour (0.5)


Dugtrio (0.5)


Honchkrow (0.5)


Stoutland (0.5)


Cinccino (3)


Ursaring (1)


x2 Lucario (1 for 1, 2 for 1.5, UL)


Tyranitar (1.5)


Special Energy:


x2 Rescue Energy (1.5)


Rainbow Energy (1)


Ask for commons, uncommons, I will do 9 commons for 1 booster and 6 uncommons for 1 booster. Thank you!







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Hey popandbop. In all honesty, your cards are quite overpriced. I'm sorry that you haven't had any business yet, but you should consider lowering the prices a little to meet the market standards. For example, Blastoise and Cinccino are valued at around one pack each, not four and three, respectively.


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