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Trading Glitch?


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I want machamp primes, so I put up a trade.


It was my FA reshi, for a machamp prime and a catcher.


The trade was accepted quick, but I never got my items.


I looked back at my history trades, and it said I put up an offer of FA reshi for nothing.


The thing is, like I always, before I make an offer, I double check to see the trade is of what I want.


I remember, and am 100% certain that before I pressed offer, the trade window was exactly "My FA reshi" "Their Machamp + Catcher. "


Anyone else have this happen to him or her? And does anyone know what I should do? FA reshi is actually worth a decent amount of money. Thanks




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The same thing happened to me.




I suggest you file a ticket at the support page but to be honest i don't know if that will get your cards back because i checked the status of my ticket and it said needs more info.




My trade was screwed up,i gave them a picture of my close trade history...how much more information do you need to get me my **** cards back.Anyway...it's your best bet.


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Thanks for the reply.


I will try filing a ticket; though, as well, I doubt it will work.


Kinda sucks that I *gave* my FA reshiram away for free. I will probably not play TCGO until it is out of beta, or less buggy.


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Hey Trainers!






I'm sorry you guys are having issues with your trades, but in order to address these issues you have to submit a ticket via the support portal. We really do appreciate your input and love to hear from you guys and gals! Thanks!








Prof. Capybara


Vespa Woman





"Never knows best..."


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