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Cards for Packs or Cards for Cards.


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Hello! I am trading my cards for packs as you can see from the title^. I prefer packs more than anything, but I will accept cards for something of equivilent value. I round up if the amount of packs comes out uneven. Ask for commons/uncommons.






x2 Energy Retrival (1 for both or 0.5 for 1)


x2 Energy Search (1 for both or 0.5 for 1)


Energy Switch (0.5)


Good Rod (0.5)


Max Potion (1)


Poke Ball (0.5)


Pokemon Catcher (4)


x2 Pokemon Circulator (0.5 for both)


Pokemon Coumminication (0.5)


x2 Revive (1 for both and 0.5 for 1)


x4 Switch (1.5 for all, 0.5 for 1)


Black Belt (1)


x2 Cheerleader's Cheer (0.5 for both)


Cheren (1)


Copycat (0.5)


Emcee's Chatter (0.5)


Flower Shop Lady (1.5)


x2 Judge (1 for 1, 1.5 for 2)


x2 PETM (1)


Seeker (1)


Primes, LEGENDs and FA's:


Ho-oh Legend Bottom (1)


Emboar (0.5)


Ampharos Prime (1.5)


FA Thunderrus (3)


Darkrai Cressalia Legend Bottom (1.5)




Zoroark (EP, 0.5)


Cobalion (2.5)


Drapion (1.5)


Umbreon (1)


Krickutune (0.5)


Tropius (0.5)


Darmantian (0.5)


Simipour (0.5)


Dugtrio (0.5)


Honchkrow (0.5)


Stoutland (0.5)


Cinccino (DTW, 2.5)


Ursaring (0.5)


x2 Lucario (0.5 for 1, 1 for both)


Tyranitar (1.5)


Well, that's my collection. Hope you find something.










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Coballion (2.5)




2 X Energy Retrieval (1)


2 X Switch (1)


3 X Emcee's Chatter (1.5)


Total= 3.5


so u make 1 pack profit in worth.




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If the Emboar is Ability, thenn it + communication for 1 pack. I have 3 packs, but give me untill this evening to redeem them. What kind?


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The lucario is UL and the emboar is non ability.


And also I appreciate the offers, but those are not my wants. And I want packs mostly, unless it's a really good offer, I genrally don't want cards.


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my mistake pop mis read, how about gengar for cinccino and 2 sage trainings i know there not listed but maybe you have them? if you dont want to trade thats cool to


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