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Trading an awesome list of cards (check it out!) for... something?


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Zekrom full art


Gyarados *foil*


Ability Ninetales *foil*


Ability Feraligatr *foil*


Ability Pachirisu *foil*


Ability Klinglang *foil*


Ability Shuckle *foil*


Ability Igglybuff *foil*


Ability Cleffa *foil*


All in the binder.




(EDIT) Looking for: Reshiram/Zekroms of any type. Rare candy/DNEs would be nice, or packs.


And curious for: A bunch of stuff in my binder.


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Well, for Psychic and Dark Pokemon, I have:


Scolipede (Black and White version)








Weezing (HGSS version)


Liepard (Emerging Powers version)


Celebi x2


and Spiritomb. Would any of those catch your interest? I'm interested in the full art Zekrom, Pachirisu and... which version of Gyarados is that?


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I guess I am looking for a gengar set (ability and its pre-evolutions). Packs would be nice. I have updated my binder also.


EDIT: don't want a metagross anymore.


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Can't say I have a metagross or gengar for trade... :( But I might be able to hook you up with some of their pre-evolutions (gastly and haunter x3 each and, sadly, only 1 Beldum). Not much, but it's a start and I'd be willing to offer those and any of the previous cards I mentioned for the cards I said I was looking for. ^_^;


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I updated my list. I am looking for some Reshirams/Zekroms of any type for a deck I am messing around with. I would be glad to hammer out a deal that includes my Pachirisu.


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