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Turbowolf trades for packs.


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(x1 = Stock of cards)




Dragonite x1


Drifbloom x1


Lanturn x1


Vespiqueen x1


Foretress (Holo)x1


Rayquaza (Holo) x1


Togekiss (Holo) x1


Kyogre/Groudon (Holo Legend) x1 *Kyogre half*






Quilava (holo) x1


Legend box (holo x1






Venonat (holo) x1










*These cards are all up for trades. I want packs which is negotiable just let me know what you want to trade for what. I am new to the game and would like to get as many packs as possible. Arigato and good luck! =]


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