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Matthew 69's final trade thread- all decent offers are welcome


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This is my final one, I do not need any certain cards (other than 1 minun), all I want are decent offers:







none now


Holo Rares:


1 X Shaymin


1 X Pachirisu


2 X Zekrom non-FA


2 X Tornadus non-FA




Decent Rares:


1 X Beedrill line (0.5 packs per line)


3 X Galvantula BW line (0.5 packs per line)




2 X Energy Retrieval (0.5 packs each)


4 X Junk arm (0.5 packs each)


1 X Legend Box (0.5 packs)


2 X Pluspower (0.5 packs each)


4 X Pokemon Communication (0.5 packs each)


4 X Superscoop up (0.5 packs each)


2 X Switch (0.5 packs each)






9 X Interviewers questions (0.5 packs per 2)


2 X Pokemon Collector (3 packs each or 5 for 2)


2 X Oak (0.5 packs each)


4 X Seeker (0.5 packs each)







Decent trades





<strike>1 X Minun </strike>now have


1 X Luvdisc


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no deal, pachi is worth on it's own 7.5 packs on gotoway's + most other trade threads.


(I need extremely good offers for it as I had to trade about all my collection of powerful cards for the 2 X Zekrom,2 X tornadus, Pachi and Shaymin)


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I have seen your thread, but I do not really need any of your cards at the moment


I really would only trade my Pachi for cards that work together in a deck rather than a good card or two or packs. (unless I have a really decent offer)


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Yeah that is what I am doing at the moment, I have all the cards but I just need to make thicker lines of each card.


I have run every top tier deck online, but have neveer found the right one for me, although I mightr stck with this Zekrom deck, now that I traded my Reshiram Typhlosion deck cards.




Have played various beartic decks but have never played beartic vileplume (other than that and magnezone yanmega I have played every deck)


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Well if your playing by how fun each deck is, i don't think Zekrom's fun at all o_o. Try rogue decks, like weavile, slowking and ambipom epic fun deck and isn't hard to buildxD


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