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Greetings! Here's some information to help ya out!





So what’s coming in November?


In November we open the SHOP to gem purchasing. Players will be able to purchase gems and use gems to purchase Avatar Items. This is very exciting on our end because it’s just the beginning of all the things to come. In the following month, we hope to introduce Gem Trading. Oh, yes. And the savvy TCG online players know that means a whole lotta deck building is coming. November is also the month we are hoping to have tokens working in the shop so there will be two ways to get avatar items and game accessories. As always, check the Build and Release notes in the forums for a bullet pointed list.




We are very excited about the future and know, though growing pains can be uncomfortable and well, painful, with each new release we are getting closer and closer to the game you have always wanted. However remember, an online game is never ‘done’. We are always reiterating, tweaking, fixing, adding, as we hear the community chatter and speculate, we listen, react and plan. Hopefully we will even be able to surprise and delight you with some of the things we have in mind.








Prof Maven


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