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Halloween Pokemon Page!!! :D


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i mean no battle for me.....



I know dont worry :P Enable to battle you have to tell your three pokemon and you have to say that you will battle/join. XD


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my record for 1 to 100 is 5 pokemon i one hour




can i use gengar for the forum battle




or should i use gyrados



1st of all... those are scary pictures O_O


2nd of all; you need 3 pokemon enable to participate :P




im also using flygon


thats my team






and flygon


(its holloween, its suppose to be scary)


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young or old zelda


there are different ones



Young. I dont know why but me and my sister are strangely obsessed when it comes to The legend of Zelda... but, im more obsessed over pokemon.


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all you need is a brother who is obsessed with kirby


and a cousin who loves mario


ps be happy that i didnt want to use salamancescary_salamence_is_scary_by_lovely_snail-d37053w.jpg


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the best part is that im making the costume


not buying it


i hope i see some other people dressed like zombies from left for dead


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yeah....... sojee and I are s'posed to got to a harvest party/lock-in at mommy Shawna (a band senior)'s church tonight but my dad might havta plow...... I'll trick-or-treat main street and railroad st., 2nd, 3rd street of my town probably


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nein. Pennsylvania..... small town (Nowhereville) we get called Who'sville? a lot. it stinks but last night we won the most epic football win ever!


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