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Serb's Trading Compendium


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I have quite an amount booster packs saved up, as well as a decent collection of cards that you can view below. Simply post your offer and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your business!










Cards that I Want:






x3 Electrode




</strike> Rare Pokemon




</i>x1 Shaymin


x4 Cobalion (NV) (FA Preferred but would also like Regular)


x4 Kyurem


x1 Terrakion (NV)




x2 Super Rods


x4 N (FA or Regular)


Cards that I have for trade






x4 Mew Prime


x4 Yanmega Prime


x1 Crobat Prime




<strike>x2 Absol Prime</strike>




Rare Pokemon




x3 Kricketune


x1 Venomoth


x1 Leavannay BLW


x3 Victreebell


x3 Magmortar (Ability)


x2 Rapidash


x1 Wailord


x1 Golduck


x1 Beartic (Sheer Cold)


x2 Mamoswine


x2 Elekid


x5 Electivire


x2 Ampharos


x5 Banette


x2 Grumpig


x2 Nidoqueen


x2 Lunatone


x2 Solrock


x1 Excadrill (Drill Run)


x4 Dugtrio


x1 Sandslash


x5 Sharpedo


x3 Drapion


x2 Brozong


x2 Aggron


x5 Ditto


x2 Ambipom


x6 Dragonite


x1 Togekiss


x1 Pidgeot


x1 Porygon-Z








x10 Blackbelt


x4 Twin


x2 Professor Elm's Training Method


<strike>x5 Seeker</strike><i>


</i> x10 Indigo Plateau






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Cards that I Want:




x2 Yanmega (20)


x4 Magnezone (24)


x1 Mew (3)


x2 Kingdra (10)


Rare Pokemon


x2 Zoroark (Foul Play) (4)


x4 Cinccino (Do the Wave) (4)


x1 Cleffa (1)


x1 Pichu (1)


x1 Pachirisu (7)


x2 Tornadus (4)




x4 Pokemon Collector (8)


x4 Judge (2)


x4 Professor Juniper (2)


x4 Professor Oak's New Theory (2)


x4 CopyCat (2)


x4 Sage's Training (2)




x4 Pokemon Communication (2)


x4 Pokemon Catcher (12)


x4 Rare Candy (14)


x4 Plus Power (2)


x4 Pokegear 3.0 (2)




x4 Rainbow Energy (2)


x4 Double Colorless Energy (8)










I can trade you all of that, for the prices listed. Just so you know that is your entire want list.


I can make your life easier by trading you all that as a bundle and give you a discount as well, the list above totals to 138 packs total. I'm willing to trade them all to you for 126 packs, 12 packs discounted. Let me know what you decide to do.




Also, you have zoroark and tornadus x2 listed twice, did you want 4 of each or 2 of each?


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I know this sounds steep, but are you willing to drop to exactly 100 Packs total, Gota? (100 is what I have saved). I don't have 126 sadly or I would. :-( And I just needed 2 of each, error on my part.




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I'd have to drop both yanmega P and kingdra, and you'd have to throw in 4 twin, 5 seeker, and the 2 absol prime. Then I'll do it for 100.


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No, what you did is the riskiest way to trade. You can only do that if you trust the other person enough to not scam you. Luckily I'm not the type to scam or else you'd just lost that 100packs+ the cards.




What you did is giving me the 100packs+cards for free.


What you are supposed to do in a trade is put your stuff that you want to trade in your binder. (Click binder then drag the cards or packs you want to trade into the binder.) Then I'll look your your name in the drop down menu and find your binder to make an offer.


DO NOT just find my name in the drop down and then send me the stuff, if you were initiating the trade, you'd have to find my name in the drop down, drag the stuff you want to trade into the "I'm offering tab" AND click on the "Getting from" tab to find my binder then drag the stuff you want from it into the "Getting from" tab, that way the trade is established with cards on both sides.


What you did was drag stuff onto the offering tab but DID NOT drag stuff from "getting from" essentially giving me stuff for free.




Becareful from now on.


And I sent you the cards, just saw you accepted. Thanks for the trade and I hope to help again in the future, visit my thread in the future if you need anything else. www.pokemontcg.com/forums/tcg-online-trading-26/topics/gota-s-trading-service-my-cards-for-your-packs


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