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My 8000 Card Collection's TRADE LIST: 100's of trainers/supports and "playable" cards only


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I have a lot of cards but am only looking for a few, I will also take packs and 'better value' trades. I have even more cards than listed(I am not going to list all my commons and uncommons, but if you need any, ask, I dont think theres any I dont have a dozen++ of.




list updated as i make trades






Most Wanted:


Ninetails(Ability) x 1


Feraligatr Prime x 3


Zoroark(Nasty Plot) x 3




Lesser Wanted:


Shaymin x 2


Pachirisu x 2


Beartic(Sheer Cold) x 1


Espeon Prime x 4


Umbreon Prime x 4


Slowking Prime x 3


Steelix Prime x 3


Darkrai and Cresselia Legend Bottom x 2


Kyogre and Groundon Legend Bottom x 2


Suicine and Entei Top x 2




For Trade:






Serperior(Ability) x 2


Serperior x 4


Magmortar x 5


Reshiram x 5


Emboar(Badboar) x 1


Samurott(No Ability) x 4


Thundurus x 4


Zekrom x 2


Reuniclus x 3


Terrakion x 2


Cobalion x 2


Smeragle x 1


Celebi x 4


Vespiqueen x 2


Blastoise x 6


Floatzel x 8


Golduck x 10


Electivire x 5


Rotom x 4


Hypno x 8


Tyrogue x 7


Krookodile(Ability) x 3


Elekid x 9


Pichu x 2


Cleffa x 2


Yanmega Prime x 1


Electrode Prime x 1


Gengar Prime x 1


Donphan Prime x 1


Machamp Prime x 2


Darkrai and Cresselia Legend Top x 3


Rayquaza and Deoxys Legend Bottom x 1






Crushing Hammer x 4


Defender x 8


Dual Ball x 24


Energy Exchange x 7


Energy Retrival x 18


Energy Return x6


Energy Search x 41


Energy Switch x 22


Full Heal x 30


Good Rod x 7


Great Ball x 15


Junk Arm x 22


Legend Box x 17


Life Herb x 13


Lost Remover x 6


Max Potion x 4


Moomoo Milk x 8


PlusPower x 33


Pokeball x 23


Pokedex x 20


Pokegear2.0 x 6


Pokemon Catcher x 2


Pokemon Circculator x 12


Pokemon Communication x 29


Pokemon Reversal x 4


Potion x 33


Rare Candy x 4


Recycle x 2


Research Record x 7


Revive x 23


Super Scoop Up x 36


Switch x 44




Bianca x 7


Bill x 12


Black Belt x 18


Cheerleader x 22


Cheren x 7


Copycat x 26


Emcee's Chatter x 10


Engineer Adjustment x 21


Fisherman x 7


Flower shop x 7


Interviewer's Question x 26


Judge x 15


Pokemon Collector x 5


Prof Elm x 24


Prof Juniper x 12


Prof Oak x 19


Sage Training x 24


Seeker x 15


Team Rocket's Trickery x 8


Twins x 24


Special Energy:


Darkness x 14


Metal x 19


Double Colorless x 5


Rainbow x 7


Rescue x 19






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Ninetails ability


Tyranitar Prime


Slowking Prime


Lugia Legend Top x2


Darkrai and Cresselia Bottom x2




Yanmega Prime






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<strike>my 1xNinetales + 3 packs for your




1x Donphan prime?</strike>




My x2 Ninetales + Full Rayquaza &deoxys legend for your




1x donphan?


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Would u do:




Tyrantiar PRIME


2x DCL Bottom


2x Lugia Legend Top




Magnezone PRIME







send me an in game trade and deal


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Also I have dozens of most common/uncommon pokemon. I will trade them in bulk for packs(like 10 commons or a handful of uncommons). my binder is up. send trades.


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ok i updated it touko, for some reason when you have 8000 cards and hit '+1' after u grabbed them all sometimes it skips random cards.




its up now. should be


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