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Help with Champ/Donphan Deck


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Im not sure the traniners to have in this set or the helping pokemon any help would be beautiful




3-1-3 Champ Prime


3-3 Donphan Prime


2 Throh


2 Terrekian


2 Tyrogue




4 Catcher


3 Rare Candy


4 Junk Arm


4 Switch


3 Comm


2 interviewers question


3 collectors




2 Junipers






15 Fighting




What should i do different?


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A matter of opinion but at least with my deck I use


3 Phanpy 2 Donphan


4 Machop 3 Machoke 2 Machamp


4 Teddiursa 3 Ursaring Prime


I would put in 4 communicators, take out the collectors, interviewers, and rare candies. I use to have Terrakion in my deck too, but grass decks will utterly obliterate you, and control decks that switch your pokemon around can really disable you. Terrakion's retreat cost is 1 higher then his highest ability. Sometimes you can get around it by using Machamp to ability in, but not always. I do like Terrakion against Zekroms though (unless they can quickly get to 120 and kill you). Remember that Machoke is your sleeper killer. HIs first ability can damage and kill any sweet sleeping face in the game even while asleep. Teddirsa mesh well with Donphan applying damage to them. Then you can use beserk and consitently do a lot of damage.


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4 X Collector


4 X Catcher


4 X Communication


3 X Candy


3 X Junk arm




<span id="1319876413591S" style="display: none;"> 4 X Switch




2 -2 Ursaring Prime (not 4-3 !!!)


Pokemon Deck Corner


By Me in Open Beta general discussion, post your deck ideas then read my review of Noble Victories and new cards from the Asian Dark Rush Expansion




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