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Trading my cards for cards or packs.


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Im trading my cards for my wants or unleashed/triumphant packs.






Wants: i am trading these cards with the cards below accorrding to their cards value listed in my trading list.


Mew (4 packs worth of cards)X4


zoroark (foul play) (2.5 packs worth of cards)X3


catcher (2.5 packs worth of cards) X1


Absol prime (1 pack)X4








Steelix (1.5 packs) X3


scizor (2.5 packs) X3


Other Pokemon:


Jumpluff (1 pack)


Victreebell (1 pack)


Roast reveal Ninetails (2 packs) reverse holo


deoxys (0.5 pack)


Reuniclus (2 pack)


Klinkklang ability (1 pack)


Tornadus (2 pack)


bellosom (1 pack)


celebi (0.5 pack)


Mamoswine (0.5 pack)


solrock (0.5pack)


Deerling ( 0.5 packs)


sunflora (1 pack)


vespiquen (1 pack)


darmanitan (0.5 pack)


magmortor (0.5packs)


pansear (0.5packs)


blastoise (1packs)


pichu (2packs)


banette (0.5packs)


grumpig (0.5packs) X2


dugtrio (0.5 packs)


sawk (0.5 packs)


Honchkrow (0.5packs)


liepard (0.5packs)


klinkklang (0.5packs)


skarmory (0.5packs)


Ambipom (0.5[acks)


Boufflant (1packs)


vileplume (2packs)


roserade (1.5packs)


Muk (1 pack)




Collector (2 packs)


twins,seeker,TR tricks, sages training, juniper, poke reversal,plus power, junk arm, judge, great ball, flower shop lady,dual ball, cheren. (0.5 packs each)


Thank you






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Got a zoroak. Offer?


you can choose what you want from the list as long as if it adds up to 2.5


is the zoroark foul play?



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