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Just wondering about some ideas


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I had some ideas floating around and thought I might share them


1) make a Roleplay thead so that if you lose a roleplay, you can find it fairly easily. (I have lost 1 so far, was 1 of my favs. Called warriors roleplay. anyone know what happened to it?)


2) Put a new topics thing on the Dashboard. Make it so you can favorite topics.


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I agree! There should definitely be a way to save your favorite threads or add a watchlist so that you can find them easily enough. I've noted this myself so it's on the review list (amongst many other things 9_6)! Thanks!




P.S. (Yes, the Warriors thread met an untimely end due to the Code of Conduct, sorry!)






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Like i said just wondering.


(And if you do use that system don't make it seem like I thought of it myself. I'm sure other people thought of it ) ;)


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