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My Mew deck


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Pokemon: 16


1X Manaphy


4 X Mew Prime


2 X Misdreavus (sharpshhoting)


2 X Mismagius (poke-power)


3 X Tyrogue


2 X Cincinno (Do the wave)


2 X Jirachi


Trainers: 18


2 X Dual ball


4 X Junk arm


4 X Pluspower


2 X Catcher


4 X Communication


2 X Revive




2 X Enginneer's Adjustments


4 X Collector


4 X Oak


Energy :16 Psychic








Manaphy- for a bad start.


Mew Prime- main attacker


Mismagius-for energy movement between Mew's


Tyrogue-staller + secondary attacker


Cincinno- mew tech 1


Jirachi- to speed up energy attachments by using discarded energy from the 4 Junk Arm's + 2 Enginneers adjustments to attach to him then either use his attack to de-wvolve or mainly to rotate the energy using mismagius onto my mew prime's.








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Seems like a good deck, but I'm not a professional or anything. You can add Gengar Prime and some Rainbow Energy to get more variation to your deck. Also, Oak's New Theory makes you lose your current hand. Consider adding Bill or Cheren for more draw power.


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>I did have 2 Cheren in there but I edited for engineer's adjustments so I could discard energy for Jirachi.


>rainbow eneegy would only really be needed if I ran Jumpluff


>Gengar Prime's a decent idea but I feel that I would need to make alot of changes to make the deck work.


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