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[CLIENT] general - Pink Screen


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I have a problem with pokemon tcg online. The game login screen is pink.
Please I beg you. Help me!
I've done everything you can imagine. I have already searched here for help, I have already updated the video drivers, I already created a new user on windows and nothing.
I no longer know what to do, please help me, I really want to play pokémon TCG Online. ;(

Thank you in advance.

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I don't know if it will help, but there's a thread in Technical Support (from one of the Moderators) that added these comments:

After you update your video drivers, some players have reported that they needed to uninstall and reinstall the game client for it to work with the new drivers.
Also, some players have reported that entering fullscreen mode via Alt + Enter (for PC) or Command + Enter (for Mac) have resolved this issue as well.



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RobRatt, thank you for the helpful response!


Ryan373, if you continue to experience an issue after trying the suggestions linked by RobRatt, please make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements, found at https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/download/.


You may also want to try fully uninstalling the game and reinstalling using the latest installer. Instructions on uninstalling can be found at https://support.pokemon.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001058453-The-Pok%C3%A9mon-Trading-Card-Game-Online-stalls-when-updating-How-do-I-uninstall-reinstall-the-game-for-Windows-and-for-Mac-. 

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