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Tradng Cards for Call of Legends Packs or foil Call of Legends Energy


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I'm looking for strictly call of legends packs or the foil basic energies from call of legends, This does not mean the non foil versions from HGSS, it has to come from the set CoL for me to want it:






I value these foil energies at a pack each, so if you want something and have foil energies we can work something out or help cut the packs. I'm totally willing to trade yanmegas for 10 foil energies. In fact I welcome foil energys over packs.




I'm not looking for anything other than the packs above so I'll list my haves:






Yanmega x4 (10 packs each)


Magnezone x3 (6 packs each)


Donphan x5 (4 packs each)


Meganium (2 packs)


Feraligatr x4 (3 packs each)


Ampharos (2 packs)


Raichu (1 pack)


Machamp (2.5 pack)


Lanturn x4 (2.5 packs each)


Slowking (2 packs)










Good Non Primes




Pachirisu x3 (5 packs each)


Shaymin x1 (5 packs each)


Zoroark 'foul play' x3 (2 packs each)


Tornadus FA (3 packs)


Emboar A x2 (3 packs each)


Ninetails A x3 (3 packs each)


Samurott A x3 (2.5 packs each)


Smeargle x4 (2 packs each)


Tornadus non FA x3 (2.5 packs each)


Jumpluff x3 (1.5 packs each)


Serpior Ability (1.5 pack)


Cleffa x3 (1.5 Packs)


Tyrogue x2 (1.5 packs)










Good Trainers:






Junk Arm x14 (1 pack each)


Lost World x6 (1.5 Pack each)


Max Potion x5 (.5 pack each)


Catcher non foil x2 (3 packs each)


Catcher foil x8 (5 packs each)


Pokemon Communication x10 (1 pack each)


Pokemon Collector x2 (3 packs each)


Rare Candy x5 ( 4 packs each)


Team Rockets Trickery (1pack)


Twins x5 (1 pack each)


Pont/Juniper/seeker/sages training/pokenav xx (1 pack each)






If you need something else for collection or something obscure post and ask, but rememeber I want packs ;< offer me sum stuffx plox


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I have a foil water energy that I don't really want, but the only card I need from your list is Pokemon Collector. I don't have any more booster credits, so is there any other card you might need?


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while I slept




I believe I traded my pachi's to scenia, I might have 1 left I'll have to check shortly, why cant you guys want shaymins gosh




or any other primes and stuff!


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