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Help with my "Lightning Rod" deck


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Pokemon (23)


  • 4 Electabuzz - 4 Electivire
  • 3 Rotom
  • 4 Smoochum
  • 3 Mareep - 3 Flaaffy - 2 Ampharos Prime

(What I'd like to have is a 4th Mareep and at least 1 more Amp Prime with a couple rare candies. Then I'd run without Rotom, and have 4 Mareep - 2 Flaaffy - 3/4 Ampharos Prime)




Trainers (20)


  • 1 Alph Lithograph
  • 2 Energy Retrieval
  • 2 Great Ball
  • 1 Pokedex
  • 1 Potion
  • 4 Research Record
  • 1 Bianca
  • 2 Engineer's Adjustments
  • 2 Interviewer's Questions
  • 2 Prof. Oak
  • 2 Twins





Energy (17)


  • 14 Lightning Energy
  • 3 Rescue Energy



The idea is to hand each of my opponent's pokemon a small lightning rod and then open up the skies. To do this I recruit the aid of Smoochum. This little gal serves the simple purpose of spreading out energy. This serves two purposes - slows down my opponent and sets up the big boys in this deck.




When I mention the big boys, I'm talking about the Zeus in this storm. Amphros Prime sits back on my bench and slowly gnaws away at the opponent's hp each time they place an energy on one of their pokemon, trying to do something with the mess of energy spread around their team. Then, he arrives on the scene... Electivire! 50 damage to every opposing pokemon with an energy attached.


There are some serious changes I still need to make to this deck but I just wanted to run it by you guys. So far, since I originally posted this I have filled up a lot of the space I wanted to with pokemon. Now I need to focus a lot of time on the trainers. I'd like to get ahold of some rare candies and pokemon communications to streamline the deck. I'd also like to fiddle around with items like plus power and research record. Another really good trainer for this deck might be pokemon collector. What do you guys think I should focus on?




Now that I've had some more time with this deck I'm just not sure about Rotom. It's been helpful at times but I fear it might be interupting the flow of my deck a little. It doesn't cost much at all to use it but I really don't want unnecessary cards in the deck. Do you think Rotom is a good addition or that I'd be better off leaving it out of the deck for now?


This is not a finished deck and I would definitely appreciate some feedback here.


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Correct me if am wrong, but i thought a pokemon with a poke-body had to be your active for it's effect to work?




That's the only reason i steered away from building an amphy prime based deck


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Poke-Bodies, Poke-Powers, and Abilities are used both on the bench and on the battle field unless it explicitly states this. If it doesn't say "If X is on your bench" or "If Y is your active Pokemon" then it can be used anywhere.




Now, onto the deck. I am not the biggest fan of Amp Prime. I prefer regular Amp, because of how insanely useful Accelration Bolt can be in the many electric decks. But, I will admit, if you have at least 3 or 4 Amp Primes, it is a NIGHTMARE for your opponent, because the damage from the Poke-Body just stacks up with each Amp P you have in play, meaning it will cost 30 or 40 damage just to simply attach an energy.


Also, what Raichu are you using? The free one from Undaunted, or the one from HS?


Some suggestions:


Get Thundurus: It is a monster of Thunder Pokemon. Get into play on the first turn, get lots of energies through Reg. Amp's acceleration bolt, and/or get burned tower in play, and your opponent is in for a nightmare. 80 damage is insane for Turn 2, if you can get it ready by then. Besides, you already have Fisherman and Energy Retrieval, and Thundurus goes with them like Bread and Butter.


Get more Smoochums: DO NOT have only one copy of one of your most important cards. Not only will it be a pain to get Smoochum out of your deck, but, also, there is a 10% chance that Smoochum is going to end up in your prize cards, assuming you only have 1 Smoochum.


Get Zekrom: Also a beast of a Pokemon, though a bit trickier to use than Thundurus, but, if you use right, it's much better than Thundurus.


If you have the money, get Magnezone Prime: Self-explanatory.


Get more Pokemon Communications: As stated before, you should have more than one copies of a card, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Pokemon Communications. One Comm isn't going to get you anywhere, but 4 Comms? Then your deck will be flying.


All 3 Raichus are better than Zebstirka:


Undaunted (free) Raichu: Very efficent energy cost, can also hurt benched Pokemon.


HS Raichu: Low energy and powerful attack, but requires discarding all energies.


Raichu Prime: Same as HS Raichu, but it does more damage, costs more energy, but has a Poke-Power that lets you move energies from other Pokemonto Raichu.


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Thanks for the comments guys. The only reason why I'm running such low numbers of certain pkmn (smoochum and amp p) is because I just simply don't have them yet. I think I mentioned in the OP that this is just what I have so far. I guess I should have stated what I plan to put in the build as well.


Now, as for the normal ampharos versus the prime, it's pretty simple to me. Electivire has a way to gain energy already (thanks to engineer's adjustments) so, other than another ampharos, there's really not much need for a lot of energy draw from attacks. Also, Mareep draws energy to itself for future Amphy attacks so there's no need to use Amphy to charge itself in many cases. That leaves the prime to (1) reduce the opponent's options as I either hit for 80 hp or hit for 40 while removing an energy from the defending pokemon and (2) punish the opponent for attaching energy from his/her hand.


Concerning Zekrom and Thundurus, would Tornadus be a bad alternative? It would give me resistance to fighting while also allowing me to keep my energy more readily available. I really don't want to use Zekrom either, mostly because I feel like it's a kind of easy way out.


I'm also trying to create a more unique deck. The idea is to put a lot of pressure on my opponent to juggle their energy carefully. Not for me to try and burn through as much energy as I can. Because of that I don't think Magnezone and Thundurus would add much synergy to my deck and that would be less than ideal. :)


I agree that I need more smoochum, ampharos prime, and pokemon comm. Any other comments about energy or trainers? FYI, Right now the only special energy i have are rescue and darkness. I definitely want to get some DCE and maybe even some rainbow, but I feel like the energy I have works pretty well for the pursposes of this deck.


This is great feedback so far. Please feel free to add your two cents. :)


EDIT: I forgot about Raichu. I really like that attack power and free retreat cost for the HS raichu. Again, I think the prime would just create synergy issues and would simply cost more to run for only 20 more attack power.


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You might want to add another Smoochum. Relying on one Smoochum to set up the victory when you could have more than one might be a bit risky.


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You're right metagross. I have already stated that I would like to add smoochums when I have them. Hopefully, I can update this soon with a stronger list.


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Sorry about that, my mistake. I do have another suggestion, though - add Pichu. Playground lets both players take as many Basic Pokemon from their deck as they want and put them on the Bench. You can search for Smoochum and put her on the Bench. Also, if your opponent benches a lot of Pokemon, you'll have more targets to distribute their Energy to. This can set up for Electivire's power, and deal serious damage.


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I would do that but my concern would be that I'd help the opponent more than myself. Smoochum is one of only 2 basics that I think would be safe to work on their own in my deck but there are so many basic or Stage 1 decks that I'm pretty sure allowing my opponent to field all of their best basics right away would be not so great for me.


I definitely thought about it before but I think I'd rather just get a few more communicators and maybe a couple rare candies at some point (for ampharos).


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I finally got around to posting some changes to my deck. Let me know if you think it's an improvement and what you think should be done to help it some more. :)


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  • 2 weeks later...

With the release of the Eelektross like I think I'd like to make a slight change to the deck...


When I have a chance to really put this into practice I'd like to try and put Tynamo x4 + Eelectrik x4 + Eelektross x2. Honestly, I would have more use for the stage one but the power of an occassional 90 damage attack might be a nice choice. I think I'll take out the Ampharos line for this and add in a couple more trainers to fill in the gap.


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